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Eureka: Calculating in polynomial time
by Jay Gutman
2017-02-01 10:54:57
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calc01_400Calculations in exponential time means that computers have to calculate each possible calculation before reaching for a correct result. Calculations in polynomial time means that the computer can skip useless calculations and find correct answers to equations or calculations directly.

To calculate in polynomial time you need to take the following steps:

-Program all calculation combinations and their results

-Program a search method that only searches for the result of the calculations, not the calculations themselves. For example, if you program Ʃ = 2 the program will automatically recognize 2 + 0 ; 1+1 etc. without having to calculate each item, that is, only those equating the sum will be calculated.

Despite the bold assertion that calculations can be made in polynomial time, unfortunately I don’t have a job, nor a grant, nor access to a Turing machine to further demonstrate the algorithm. It’s pretty simple though. Like all math papers, this paper will be brief.

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