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Ovi Symposium - Part II EBook
by The Ovi Symposium
2017-02-01 10:55:25
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Ovi Symposium - Part II EBook
5 December 2013 - 5 June 2014

The Ovi Symposium has now been in existence for a total of three years and six months. The first six months (June to December 2013) were published as Volume 1 of the e-book by the same title of Ovi Symposium. The next six months, volume 2, covering 13 bi-monthly meetings (from 5 December 2013 to 5 June 2014) now see the light of day and are in your hands.

symposium01_400At the risk of turning this introduction into an exercise in self-congratulations within a mutual admiration society (I’d rather leave that judgment to the readership) I’d like to sincerely thank Thanos Kalamidas, the editor in chief of the magazine, for his constant encouragement for this intellectual enterprise named Ovi Symposium, and for his labor of love in editing and publishing this volume 2 of its e-book.

I would also like to thank my friends and colleagues who directly contributed to the various presentations and interventions in the above mentioned time-span. They are in alphabetical order by last name: Dr. Alessandra Abis, Dr. Maria Buccolo, Dr. Lawrence Nannery, Dr. Ernesto Paolozzi, Dr. Emanuel Paparella, Mr. Edwin Rywalt, Dr. Michael Vena. Without their invaluable cooperation and suggestions, the project would not have continued to  flourish as a collegial universal international conversation. It made my role as coordinator so much more pleasurable and worthwhile.

Some two years after the appearance of volume 1, perhaps it’s time to reassess the success of our efforts and renew a vision of our dialogic journey. In the first place we’d like to stress once again that our initial impetus was the idea of a convivial friendly dialogue (a symposium, as the ancient Greeks called it) on important relevant ideas of our times in the context of Vico’s and Croce’s aesthetics which in effect is also modern aesthetics. From that general theme would then flow other sub-themes presented and discussed on a by-monthly and then later on a monthly basis. The head logos, so to speak, of the Symposium remains “A Philosophical Conversation on the Nature of Art within Modernity and the Envisioning of a new Humanism.”

As the reader will surely observe, we have remained faithful to that initial vision not only in its content but even in its form. The project is ongoing and we continue to improve and perfect it. Our dialogue has remained colloquial, convivial, informative, always respectful of others’ opinions and of free speech, reverential toward truth and reason, relevant to our times, devoid of excessive academic jargon so as to remain comprehensible throughout. Thus, as our editor in chief informs us, it has managed to appeal to the vast majority of the Ovi readership; those who are not specialized scholars in the fields we touch upon. We hope it has also become an ongoing dialogue or conversation which, come to think of it, could be the very definition of philosophy: a conversation throughout the ages. Undoubtedly we have a vision to share and a story to tell, the story of Humanism; but, as Plato observed, no story can be told if no one is listening.

We are not sleeping on our laurels either. Greater, more ambitious intellectual horizons and goals lie ahead. The envisioning of greater visions and goals is also in the Greek and Renaissance tradition of the Symposium carried on in the Greek agora, the Roman forum, the court of Urbino in the Renaissance. We, with our readers, look forward to the publication of the next volumes and the continuation of our intellectual enterprise offered pro bono for intangible reward such as the Good, the True, the Beautiful. Therefore our motto remains ad majorem.

Emanuel L. Paparella Ph.D.
February 2017

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