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You Tarzan, me May You Tarzan, me May
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-01-28 10:57:34
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Theresa May had one major problem from the very beginnings of her career as UK’s Prime Minister. Her timing. She has the worst possible timing in whatever she does. And since things don’t just happen, her choices in timing say a lot about her policies and strategies. The good news is that Theresa is a temporary solution and she knows it. It also helps the fact that she has to deal with a state that can hold her in line, like the Supreme Court proves last week. No executive orders here. The bad news is that Theresa May’s actions can stigmatize future strategies and not many in Britain favour this idea. Especially the Conservative Party.

may01_400This is a very vulnerable time for UK and in some ways it is good that Brexit will actually take two years after triggering article 50. In these two years the British government, whichever it is, will have the chance to overcome the first shock-waves, the first reactions (especially in the City) and establish a steady strategy for the future. And Brexit this minute is a very tricky road as the Supreme Court established and Theresa May, unintentionally –perhaps, proves.

Her visit to Donald Trump, the way it was done and especially the timing, was her latest mistake, miscalculation and oddly it was mainly taken as a mistake from her own peers in the Conservative Party. Theresa May did not visit an old ally and a new President, Theresa May just visited Donald Trump. The man who wants to establish globally a personal dominance and a man who has made in many ways clear that all decisions, all trades, all negotiations with whomever will have one primacy: his America first. But here comes the odd part, most of the conservatives want …Britain first. Actually this is the reason they are supporting Brexit.

Trumpist Americans don’t really get it, but truth said, Americans rarely understood the British psychic. British people have historic and national identity and memory that goes beyond some centuries and they have tasted what it means global dominance. It was no Nigel Farage who woke up any kind of nationalism, as most Trumpist Americans think. Nationalism and national pride was always there and Nigel doesn’t actually count in UK. Nigel is just …Nigel. Alcoholic Nigel, conman Nigel, pub happy Nigel and nothing more than that. Actually the fact that the only position Brits have ever elected Nigel is as a member of the EU-parliament and never in any position inside UK, says a lot itself. Another thing Americans cannot understand. The British people actually did a joke by sending him to the euro-parliament and the same time they kept him away from important internal policies. For a lot of European states and for long time, sending a politician to the euro-parliament is like putting him/her into the freezer, a silent stasis. This is exactly how much Nigel counts into British politics and for the British voters.

But as I wrote, Americans and especially Trump administration think of Britain this moment as a bunch of Nigels and they want May there – as the female Nigel - to legitimize them since there is no much of a world-leaders cueing to meet Trump in Washington. Of course there is always the Egyptian el-Sisi and Netanyahu, but these two are not much of a …PR for a president who thrives for PR. The rest (deals etc.) for Trump and his administration is details, they are not ready to make any deals yet and especially with somebody who’s a …sure deal. You don’t need to be Trump-amazing in negotiations to understand that.

Britain with dispirit Theresa is a sure deal for the Trump administration and there is no hurry to finalize it. Theresa knows well that despite the power of the British economy and international influence, Brexit is going to be very rocky. The main reason is that all British economy is EU oriented. And it is not just imports and exports, it is even the fact that the British banks and the British pound partly depend on the European Central Bank and the EU help. Leave aside that most of the City today is active and profiting thanks to the European partners. Without them what are they going to do? Take from the NY stock exchange market? Only mentioning it sounds like a joke.  

Trump is not very popular in Britain and oddly it is not the liberals and the labours who despise him but the conservatives. You see these Queen-aristocrat snobs – as stereotypes like to see them – despise everything authoritarian, anything with hints of Nazism and fascism and Trump for them flags contemporary fascism. Plus, this “America first” has seriously hurt them especially when May, before leaving London, acknowledges it with a “the US and UK can lead the world”.

May didn’t only put Britain second but she somehow pledged obedience to the master of the world with an exchange to get a taste of the …looting. This is the message she left behind, her party got it and didn’t like it and British people have memory. They actually proved it with the Brexit.

May went to USA stating that she’s looking for an ally and knowing that she could do very little regarding commerce, economy and deals. Britain is still member of the EU and it will be for as long the negotiations last, at least for the next two years. She cannot make any negotiations and deals outside EU and if she does they will always be objects of courts and they will anger her already angry EU allies, turning a hard and rocky Brexit into a hell Brexit. Actually she must be praying that nobody will mention the words deal and economy after her meetings with the Trump administration. That’s why the emphasis on NATO. An issue of interest for all Europeans that can hide under the carpet anything else she might has talked privately with Trump.

With her visit to Donald Trump, Theresa May tried to show that she is a player in this new order, therefore she could somehow blackmail or threaten the Europeans who are not going to negotiate with her in her rules – something like the gunboat policies of the past, she thinks that she can use Trump as her gunboat against Merkel – and the same time to gain the trust of the British nationalists that she seems to have lost lately.

What she managed to do is reduce Britain into Trump’s lackey, to lose any advantage in future negotiations and deals with USA, insult her peers in the Conservative Party and finally anger allies far more important this minute than EU, the 52 states Commonwealth, which totally despises Trump and his administration. And this will hurt more than a rocky Brexit.

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Emanuel Paparella2017-01-28 11:44:54
A satirical aside: Trump has been signing numerous executive orders and memos lately, he must have signed in a week the numbers that Obama signed in 8 years. He signs them publicly and then shows his signature as if were a work of art. One can see emperor Caligula signing away memorandums in ancient Rome, giving one to his horse which he made a Roman senator to bring to his fellow senators...; or one such ordering the Roman army to go and collect shells on the beach of Normandy. In one of these memos the first name for Theresa May was misspelled as Teresa (without an h). Not much care in the redacting of those documents... If one looks up Teresa May (without the h) one will soon find out that she is a porno star in England. Which within a deranged "Caligula Presidency" makes perfect sense, since Mr. Trump has been known in the past to fondle women inappropriately, he may have done so in Moscow a couple of years ago; he has even taken to fondling the American flag lately... Oh well, satire may safeguard our own sanity...

Alan2017-01-28 16:54:05
"is reduce Britain into Trump’s lackey, to lose any advantage in future negotiations and deals with USA"
True True True

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