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My Friends, My Friends...
by David Sparenberg
2017-01-25 10:22:14
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My Friends, My Friends…

forest01_400_01Generation after generation, Earth’s miracles are betrayed.  The ordinary undone and people, salt of the Earth let us say, are sacrificed to the schemes of crooked horders and the wealthy few.

But listen.  Stop!

If you want to know what to believe in, go talk with birds, like those who sat on the arms and shoulders of Saint Francis.  Ask the deer of trust, descended from those who fed without fear from Francisco’s wounded hands.

If you want to know how to live—how to face east in the semblance of woman and face west in the semblance of man—go down to the pub of mystic drunkards.  Those who dream and who cast spells over time.  Say to the merry musicians there, “Which of you now is Rumi?”

But wait!  Stop!  You already recognize the poet among poets.  A kaleidoscope in the spectrum of love. 

Rumi is the Sufi whose breath is filling space with flowers of oxygen.  Whose face, singular like you, is beautiful with light.

David Sparenberg


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