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Trumpian Lie-ities!
by Leah Sellers
2017-01-23 09:32:30
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“No !  No !  No !  The Truth is Not the Truth.  The Truth is what I say it is.  My Truth is the Truth and the Only Truth there is !  Got it ?!”
“You are my Blow-Horn, Mr. Nutmeg, and my Reality is your Reality.  My Reality is America’s Reality.  My Reality is the World’s Reality !”
fire01_400_04“And so we must obliterate the credibility of the Free Press - the Media.  We must crush them.  We must Confuse and Confound the Peoples of America and the World with my version of Reality !”
“I Lie to myself all of the time.  My Lies are my Realities, and now they are yours.  They are America’s. They are the World’s, Mr. Nutmeg !”
“The Free Press’s - the Media’s reported Truths are the Lie, and my Lies are the Truth.”
“My Reality is what is Real and has Value.  Their Reality is Fake News and has no Value.”
“So, when I go into the Inner Sanctum of the C.I.A. and espouse my Lie-ites for my own Self-Aggrandizement, you will repeat my version of Reality.  The longer you tell my Lie-ities - repeat my Lie-ites then they will eventually be Believed as Realities. It’s a simple a formulae that has worked for Autocratic Dictators since the beginning of Time.”
“The size of my gathered Crowds are the Biggest and the Best !  The size of my Hands are the Biggest and the Best !  The size of my Feet are the Biggest and the Best !  The size of my……well, er….you get the lift of my drift, Mr. Nutmeg.  You’re a Smart guy.  That’s why I hired you.”
“As far as the peoples of America and the World are concerned, I am a Populist for the People.  We will drown them in the intoxicating We the People rhetoric and symbols.  The Farmer’s and Working Man’s ball caps, that I will profit off of.  The American Eagle.  The Red, White and Blue everywhere.  The Cheer leading Rallies.”
“We will fill their angry, desperate psyche’s with rhetoric gorged with their angers and desperations, and convince them that I am their Great Wall !  Their Great Evangelical Savior !  Their Iconic Billionaire living the American Dream most of them are groveling for and Wanna-be !”
“Convince them that I alone can lead them out of the dastardly Industrial Wastelands and Sold-out by the dozen Working Man Deserts and into the Capitalistic Promised Lands of Mother’s Milk and Bee’s Honey filled with Trees growing Money !  Amen and Halleluiah !”
“We will make them believe that Patriotism is the Healing Balm for Prejudice of all kinds, flavors and sizes, when you and I both know that Alternative Fact is just another one of my many enticing Lie-ities !”
“And these Lie-ities, and many more, are the Lie-ity Realities you will be broadcasting to the Media, and the peoples of America and the rest of the World, and nothing else !”
“You and I both know that the Free Press, Free Speech and Free Peaceable Assembly were set up as naturally Adversarial Watchdogs in our Constitution.” 
“But I am King - I mean Emperor - I mean Autocratic C.E.O - I mean President-for-the-People-and-by-the-People now, and I will tell you and everyone else what is Real, and what is False !  And I want my Lie-ity Reality to be the Truth, and the One and Only Truth !”
“So, get out their to that revered Podium for the White House Press and repeat my Lie-ties as often as you re told to.  Print my Lie-ites.  Film my Lie-ities.  Chant my Lie-ities.  My National and World View Lie-ity is your and the Nation’s and the World’s Reality !”
“What ?!  Who said that ?!  Which one of you just uttered the words George Orwell ?!  You’re Fired !!”


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Emanuel Paparella2017-01-23 13:23:37
Indeed, "1984" is no longer fiction, it is reality, or in our new Trumpian parlance, an alternate fact. The era of post-truth, fact-free society, propaganda parading as truth has been inaugurated on January 20, 2017 with emperor Caligula parading down Pennsylvania Avenue. Fortunately there are some honest journalists and some critics such as the above who are not afraid to shout "the emperor is naked."

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