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Blog with a cat #001
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2017-01-17 08:58:34
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A blog with a cat
By Ruby the Cat


Power is somewhat intoxicating and everybody loves to have the power to make wishes and decisions reality.

Especially four year-olds with tiny little hands.

Four year-olds have the limited and very shielding version of the world and not a preview of what’s out there. They will get this preview as a prequel one day in the future but too late to correct mistakes.

Four year-olds with tiny little hands also lack sense of responsibility and consequences. They don’t care. They don’t know how to care.

But they like it and instinctively they want it. The power.

The power that changes everything. The power that turns a cat into a horse, a dragon or a car. As long the cat likes to be a horse, a dragon or a car. But the four year-olds don’t know that. Because they don’t care.

Then the cat-horse, the cat-dragon, the cat-car wants to be just a cat and reality grows nails. Sharp nails.

Conclusion: grown-ups should never let four year-olds play with twitter.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-01-17 15:39:35
Indeed, as Machiavelli has well taught us, grown ups, power is intoxicating and addictive for adults also, those who think that they can solve the problems of the world with a few tweets writtten in 300 characters in 5 seconds with no thinking. The only thing that can mitigate that addiction to irresponsible tweeting and power is responsibility. Those with the mind-set of a four year old with a commensurable span of attention, ought never be allowed to become presidents of a country or emperors of an empire; unless, that is, the whole country has acquired the habits of a four year old. Then the game is pretty much over.

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