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Law Makers as Law Breakers
by Leah Sellers
2017-01-17 08:59:09
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In Scorsese’s classic movie the Gangs of New York, the crookedly ambitious Mr. Tweed of Tammany Hall famously admitted that, “the Spirit of the Law must be upheld, especially when it’s being Broken.  And the Republican Law Making Law Breakers have taken the Spirit of this pronouncement to Heart concerning Obamacare, known as the Affordable Care Act in some segments of American society.
law01_400_01Obamacare made it the Law of the Land that every American would eventually be able to Afford and have access to life affirming Affordable Healthcare from every walk of life and livelihood.
Yes, it had its kinks that needed to be worked out.  No Law is perfect.  But, on the whole, the Spirit of this Law was to Protect and Sustain All Human Life.  Its Spirit understood that All people have a Right to Decent and Affordable Healthcare, because without Good Health, there is no Hope to Work toward a Good or Better Life.  There is only Hopelessness, Dis-ease, Pain and Death.
Yes, Obamacare is being discussed in the past tense, because the Law Breaking Law Makers are spending all of their energies, before Donald Trump claims America’s presidency as his grand prize, Repealing and slowly dismantling the Laws which gave Obamacare life.
The Affordable Care Act is now on Life Support and in its death throes. 
And sooner or later Obamacare’s dying tremors will felt throughout all of America’s Homes.  Millions of folks, who now appreciate having Healthcare, who had never been able to afford it before, will at some time in the near future not have it again.  And Obamacare will be sorely missed by those who find themselves in need of a doctor’s visit they will no longer be able to afford or have access to.
It is so important for the Republicans, who schemed at the very beginning of, and throughout Barak Obama’s presidency to obstruct every single thing that he would ever try to do for the American People, to Dis-respect this Wise, Noble, Just, Fair and Compassionate leader, just because these Honorable Characteristics came to us All inside a Black Skin, that to their mean-spirited and darkly petty ambitions it is vitally important that they begin to dismantle Obamacare before he even leaves office. 
Dissss-respect !!
That’s right, the Dis-honorable Republicans, under the instructions of the Billionaire Donald Trump, are slowly Dis-mantling Obamacare and handing the American public back over to the Profit hungry Medical Systems Corporations, Pharmaceutical Corporations, and Insurance Corporations.
In American Capitalism run amuck the credo is that Corporations own you.  You do not own them.  Remember, Corporations are People, too (yes, that, too, was another Law corrupted by the Corrupted and Corruptible).
In the ImBalanced religion of the Golden Calf - of Malevolent, not Benevolent, Capitalism.  We serve the Corporations.  They do not Serve Us.
If you are sick or poor, too bad !  Run off into the woods somewhere.  Find a Cave to disappear into like the Biblical Lepers.  Let the ground swallow you whole for all we “Don’t Care” !
Yes, the Republicans Chose the man who helped lead the Birtherism Movement to make President Obama appear to be an Illegitimate Leader for eight years to be America’s next president.  At least they have a knack for Irony, if not for Common Decency.
Yes, Donald Trump is a Billionaire Flim-Flam Man of ill repute, but he is filthy rich.  Yes, he is a proud 1%er with businesses all over the World, and now America will be his newest Brand to make a Profit off of for himself and all of the other 1%ers, the Corporate Empire Kings and Queens (and their bought and sold political, judicial, military, intelligence, news-making and business vassals and slaves).
Yes, America is to bought and sold like the great Whore of Babylon our new president perceives her to be.  America the Beautiful in all of her glory and his glorious Pageantry.  And America’s new president-elect knows a lot about Beautiful Ladies Pageants.  He has run enough of them.  And he knows all about sneaking into their backrooms unannounced when She is unaware, unprotected and humiliatingly bare for all to see.
Yes, he is ready to strip America down, and feed her to the highest bidders.  Isn’t that right, Putin ?  Isn’t America on your menu ?
Yes, some of We the People of America the Beautiful see that hungry and amused glint in your unblinking Eye.
Run, Tattle-Tell, Christopher Steele, run !  Yes, they have you back on your heels and running and hiding for your Life, poor Soul.
Our President-Elect and his Billionaire Cabinet of intended Annihilators (of every Public Service Institution, and the Laws protecting, sustaining and serving We the People, America‘s Waters, Air and Lands) are all sittin’ pretty at the Banquet Table.  All but the Honorable, Monastic Warrior Mad Dog Mattis.  Wonder if he fully understands the Table he’s been asked to adorn with his Wisdom and Favor ?  Oh well, time will tell.
As the ‘ole Nursery Rhyme warns, “Ding-dong-bell.  The Pussy’s in the Well” !  Who threw Her in ?  America’s very own treacherous, outdated Numbers Game called the Electoral College (because the Popular Vote called out for another Faithful to America Leader by 2.8 million more American Voices).
All that’s left now is Sink or Swim, while Her president-to-be is grabbing away at Her, because he Can.  Because he has been given the Starring Role of President of America.  All that’s left is Survive or Drown.
Yes, there are Laws Makers Breaking Laws and Broken Laws making Law Makers every moment of the day or night in between the varying grays of what is Wrong and what is Right.
Only capricious Acts and lingering Time will tell this Tale.  An American Lullabye sung by Russian Lullabyists and 1%er Autocratic Annihilists of democracy or An American Resurrection Anthem sung by American Transformationalists.


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