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"Mama, What's Moral High Ground?"
by Leah Sellers
2017-01-03 09:41:57
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“Nadia, have you finished your Homework yet?”  Da-Woman # 1 asked her precocious twelve year old daughter.

“Yes, Mama.  I finished my homework over an hour ago,”  Nadia replied.

Da-woman # 1 looked up from the dishes she was washing in the kitchen sink, “Have you been playing those silly games on the computer again, young lady ?”

“No, Mama.  I have not been playing games.  I have been reading the News.”  Nadia replied.

high01_400“My friends at school talk in the lunch room, when the teachers are not around.  And they told me about something called Fake News.  They say that some people all over the World get paid a lot of money to create Fake News in order to manipulate the Thoughts, Feelings and Actions of people to Do what they want them to do or to Think and Feel what they want them to.”

“They say that some people in Russia hacked into the American Democratic and Republican Parties computers and got some embarrassing news about them.  And then they decided to give the News about Mrs. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, but not the Republican Party, to Wikileaks and others to be released to the American Public in order to confuse and ruin their election process, so that Mr. Donald Trump would win,”  Nadia explained.

“Mama, they say that President Putin likes Mr. Donald Trump better than Mrs. Hillary Clinton, because Mr. Donald Trump is and greedy, Strong Man, Businessman always searching for self-aggrandizement, and will make a good Puppet and International Business partner for President Putin to play with and get money and power out of, too.”

“Mama, you don’t like me playing games on my computer, but our Leaders play games with Puppets all of the time.  It’s not fair,”  Nadia added.

“When you are an adult, you can decide what Games in Life you want to play, Nadia.  But under my roof, we try not to play too many of them with one another.  I prefer to teach you to strive for the Moral High Ground,”  Nadia’s Mama, Da-Woman # 1, said firmly.

“Mama, what is the Moral High Ground ?”  Nadia asked innocently.

“Hmm, well, first of all, you go get the Dictionary from your Papa’s Study.  We’ll look up the meaning of the word Moral together,”  Nadia’s Mama answered.

“Yes Mama,”  Nadia said as she scurried into her Papa’s Study, a room she was rarely allowed into.  She grabbed the large, well used, Dictionary off of the bottom shelf of her Papa’s Wall Library, and ran back into the kitchen.

“I have it Mama,”  Nadia said as she sat down at the kitchen table and began looking for the word Moral.

Nadia’s Mama, dried her hands and joined her Curious daughter at the kitchen table.

“I found it !”  Nadia exclaimed, smiling up at her proud Mama.

“Well, then, read what you have discovered to me, Nadia.”

“The Dictionary says that the word Moral is of or relating to principles of Right or Wrong in Behavior,”  Nadia read.

Nadia, looked up from the Dictionary, “So, Mama, when I am Good I am standing on Moral High Ground and when I am Bad I am standing on Moral Low Ground ?”

Nadia’s Mama chuckled softly, “Well, something like that, daughter.  That is why your Papa and I try to make it very clear to you when your Behaviors are Good and when they are not so Good.”

Nadia, smiled appreciatively,  Yes, Mama.  I understand.  But isn’t Hacking into people’s private business Stealing ?  And isn’t Stealing wrong ?”

“Well, yes.  That’s right, Nadia.  But sometimes to help the Greater Good we have to do things that are not always Right.”

Nadia, frowned, and said, “Then when we have to do things like that do we call it the Moral Middle Ground, because it is both Right and Wrong ?”

Nadia’s Mama, sighed, “This is one of the reasons I always hated my Philosophy class at the University.  My Professor was always bringing up such Behavioral dilemmas for us to think through.  I always found his Moral and Ethical Behavioral problems tedious and exasperating.”

“Mama, if Morals are such difficult things to deal with, then why do we give any attention to them at all ?”

“Nadia’s Mama thought about getting back to the simple chores that still needed doing around their home, but took a deep breath and said, “Because without them the World would be Chaos.  The World would gobble itself up.  Morals and Ethics give us a Code of Behavior to live by so that we can all cooperate with one another effectively, and live in Stability, Peace and Safety.  Without them we would be lost.”

“But Mama, if our Leaders do not behave in Moral Ways, why should all of the rest of us ?  If we are Moral, they take advantage of us.  The people with Bad Behaviors make Fools out of all of us who try to do the Right things we have been taught to do.”

“That is true, sometimes, but Morals are important to give us Thoughts, Feelings and Actions toward the Greater Good for ourselves and for everyone else in Society.  Without such Thoughts, Feelings and Actions we would all be lost.”

“Nadia, that is why your Papa and I have always taught you to Think, Feel and Act for yourself in Positive ways - Good ways.  We have tried to help you develop a Good Conscience so that you will always strive to follow your own Moral Compass.”

Nadia grinned, “I know what a Compass is Mama.  It is a magnetized mechanism that always points North because of the Earth‘s gravitational pull.  And because one can always depend upon it to point North, you always know where you are heading.  You never lose your way.  You always know where you are.”

“Exactly, Nadia, your Moral Compass helps you to never lose your way in Life.  It will always point you toward what you have learned is Right.  It will always point you to who you Truly are,”  Nadia’s Mama said with gravity.

“Well, I do not always follow my Moral Compass, Mama.  But, I do try to,”  Nadia admitted.

Nadia and her Mama laughed together.  “Now, go put your Papa’s Dictionary back where you found it.  You know how he feels about us going into his Inner Sanctum.”

“Yes, I know, Mama.  But sometimes some Rules must be broken for Knowledge to be gained,”  Nadia said flippantly.  Afraid she had over-stepped her bounds she quickly said, “I’m sorry, Mama.  I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.”

Nadia’s Mama, Da-woman # 1, gently smiled at her bright daughter and said, “And sometimes Secrets like that should be kept between just you and me.  Alright, Nadia ?”

Nadia, nodded her head affirmatively and said, “Yes Mama, some things are best kept Secret to avoid any Moral misunderstandings.  I understand.”

Smiling brightly, Nadia announced, “Excuse me Mama, while I follow my Moral Compass toward my Moral High Ground and into Papa’s Study to return his Dictionary to him just where he left it last.”



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