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Beauty of YES - Integrity of NO
by David Sparenberg
2016-12-31 12:17:45
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True — the human world is sad and frightening.  This miasmic cloud of sorrow, this toxic shadow of fear, these are realities.  But the condition does not, does not yet, end there.  Does not stop here in sorrow, suffering; in fear.

eagl01_400Where there is corruption, deception and ugliness empowered; and the causes of corruption and deception, and the empowering of ugliness, are myriad; artists, guardians, saints and lovers must counter in creating and courting beauty.  Such beauty is a way of seeing, of feeling and a way of healing through being, and will manifest to be seen, to be shared, and to be known connectively and in participation, as radiant light or restorative quiet, as dignity or tenderness, as grace in place and face and form, and through generosity.  As integrity between one person and another and between a person’s intention and stepping up into action. 

It is beauty that recognizes and beauty that liberates the spontaneity of affirmation.

Where there is violence; and the occurrences of violence are manifold and in far too many locations, disrupting and destroying security of the ordinary and shattering life; the souls of peacemakers must counter the false assumptions, the semiotics of betrayal, and the degrees of death, by choosing, and choosing often, simplicity and honesty, good will in deep sincerity, empathy, good faith concordant with Earth, companionship, and the multi-dimensional, interlayered and interwoven wellbeing of community.

To create out of ashes is the human-phoenix, bringing life back to life.  Life out of ashes.  Better by far to prevent traumas and tragedies and the afflictions of violence.  Better than forever showing up too late among the ruins and too late in melancholy graveyards of miniature flags and dying flowers.

To garden with light, living light; not a bright idea or chimerical fantasy, but the light that humility alone keeps going; is to plant soul-seeds, the true seeds of a shared condition, a shared fate, and dialogue, and to gather into harvest compassion in the everyday while yet Edenic plots of vulnerability, consent, cooperation and harmony. 

Better to feed the poor in spirit and those whose inner worlds are estranged, bewildered and fading; and whose most enabling feelings are wounded and disabled.  Better to accept responsibility than to be forever hiding and waiting in the aftermath of guns and bombs, lies and war, and the terrible weapons of mass destruction.

To you, does peace sound impossible?  Well it is as long as you listen patriotically to the marching tunes of the demonic.  And it is not once you commit to peace being real.  A rooted reality inside you shared by a fruitful reality between us.

Where there is hatred and greed, intimidation, bullying and the folly of unexamined existence, the souls of conscious and belonging roots and intuitive and evolving rainbows, of council fire gatherings of peers and of resistance, and the watchers over biospheres and the medicine warriors of respect, reverence and renewal, must emerge in union, and personally create, in teaching by example, repentance that is joyous, a prosperity of commensality; a prosperity, that is to say, of appreciation. 

All of this is real work in a real world of sorrow and suffering, fear and conflict, terror and destruction; a world were deception and aggression are normalized and madness contagious.  The while, this dense and knotted bundle of problems and the problematic of us cannot be avoided; must be confronted straight on, grappled with, puzzled out and reversed.  And yes, certainly, yes, yes, indeed, the need is urgent!

So too God—oh I will bring God into this—and so God, or Goddess if you prefer—waits in an agonized longing to return; in tears and heart-swells waiting for us to turn from our self-possession to what is cosmic and greater, grander, in order to share the intimate mutuality of blessing and the collective mutuality of returning.

Here is the formula, the mantra, the calling, I mean to say, of spirited revolution; for the process-salvation of this Earth: simplicity plus sustainability plus solidarity.  Simplicity + sustainability + solidarity.

Now this is a lesson Brooke Medicine Eagle has long been teaching.  Let it in, to be at home inside of you. When you say yes, yes-saying is complete.  Whatever is not complete is no.  Be clear and strong, and not mislead or self-deceiving, in what you say yes to and that to which you say no.  Your power and your identity and our future depend on the beauty of yes and the integrity of no. 

Mitakuye Oyasin: we are all one family.

David Sparenberg
6 December 2016


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Emanuel Paparella2016-12-31 13:57:40
Thanks for the sharing David. And Happy New Year.

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