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by Nikos Laios
2016-12-30 10:39:29
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img_1066_parisfireworks__the_passing_parade_study_in_red_400The diffusing
Sunlight fell on the
Seagull like dust as it
Dived into the grey swells
And cracking shells;
Rolling waves washing
Over rusted hulks
And rugged shores.

As they scurried like
Crabs on the sand;
Their souls creaking
And groaning in the
Wind flapping,swaying
Like grieving widows
Clad in black huddling
In clusters on street
Corners howling
As their voices rose
Up into the heavens.

Over the
Stars and the
Black velvet night
That stretches to
The edge of eternity,
The Sea Of Tranquility,
A moonlight serenade;
Swallowing us like ants
Washed down street drains
By clapping thunderous rains,
Slapping window panes.

Stretched veils,
Billowing sails
Ripped by
Electrical storms
Stabbing at the
Turbulent ocean.

The gentle
Light glowing
Through grey-black
Gilded clouds;
The whirling white
Foaming eddies
Of the wild surf
In crags and
Hollowed rocks
And crooked docks
As the light glistened
In these trapped pools
Like some sad erotic dancers
Waiting for the morning sun
And the coffee run.

The crates smashing,
Wood splintering against
Rocky walls like rustic
Cymbals among clay
Pots and rusted guns.

As the seagull
Stood majestically
Over his kingdom like a
Sentinel, watching them scurry
On the streets that lace the bay;
The rolling waves washing over
The sediments crushing their
Memories into the sand
As the wind howled
Along the shore.



With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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