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My Name is "Soylent Green"
by Leah Sellers
2016-12-28 11:47:38
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Yes, I saw the Futuristic movie, Soylent Green, along with millions of other Baby Booming Americans, when I was young and impressionable.  I had always liked the acting of Charleton Heston.  But I was a Child of America.  A Child of the Thriving Upper-Middle Class.  Protected from many lurking things that I no real understanding or real knowledge of.
Oh yes, I knew all too well of the terrible trials and tribulations of Christ, and other Icons of the Bible.  My young, impressionable Mind, Heart and Soul knew about it All.  What the World was cruelly and insanely like in the Ancient times.  But I was a Modern-time American.  Those stories, other than the morals and cultural norms they taught, had no real bearing on my Baptismally Saved, Modern American life.
leah01_400_03Yes, I was a Child of the American Revolution.  A Christian Child who believed whole-heartedly in the Ideals of Freedom, Liberty, Equality for One and All, and trying to See and Perceive the World through Christ’s Eyes of Universal Love and the ever rotating and spiraling Cycles of Transformative Resurrections.  Amen !
I believed in the Christ who overturned the Money-Changers Tables in the Temple.  I believed in the Christ who refused to accept a Crown and become a King, because he knew that worshipping those things in Life would never lead Humanity into wholly New and True Transformative Resurrections.  That those things led to False Gods and False Realties of the Lucky Few, the Power Hungry and the Greedy.
I believed in Christ the Healer of the Blind, the Lame, the Afflicted.  The Divine Healer who went into the deep, dark Caves outside the City Walls to the Outcast Lepers in order to Heal them and bring them out once more into the SunLight.  To me Christ was the Great Healer and Promethean Light Bringer and Bell Ringer.
But now, at the age of 62, I am but an American-made transitory Walking and Talking hunk of Soylent Green.
My old unattended to (by the Great State of Texas’ dysfuntional Worker’s Compensation System) Dis-located Hip and Back have finally caught up with me.  After struggling for over nine years to Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Physically maintain my overall Health and Ability to Work for my Keep in American Society, the broken parts of my Body have given into their brokeness.
About a week ago, it began to be even more painful for me to get around using my cane.  Three days ago, I can barely get up out of bed or a chair without experiencing excruciating pain and effort.  My Left Leg is almost totally useless. 
As of today, I no longer have a job, because I can no longer Work for the magical pieces of paper and Algorithmic Number Patterns which paid my Bills and kept me afloat.
I am one of those many Americans who still cannot really afford Health Insurance.  Oh yes, for a few months I paid out over a hundred dollars monthly for insurance I could not use, because I did not have enough Money to make my $3,000.00 deductible.  But when I got tired of wasting Money on something I was never going to be able to use effectively, I stopped paying, which made me a Mandated Criminal in the new Laws of our Land.
I kept hoping that I could turn things around…..given Time.  Time that I have now unexpectedly run out of.  My Optimistic inclinations which have always served me well in the past are of no avail now.  And so, because I refuse to burden my family members, I am challenged with the State of Being merely a hunk of Soylent Green waiting to be completely consumed by the rest of a very dysfunctional and delusional American Society somewhere down my shortened Life‘s Path.
This is what is known as a Natural Consequence in our very UnNatural World.  Where all of Humanity can watch, glued to their electronic devices as whole Tribal Cultures are being decimated and destroyed across the ocean’s blue, and somehow make that tolerable, and an accepted Reality for the War and Power Mongering Mindscape Games of a Few.
My passing into a hunk of bland, but high in Protein, Soylent Green is but a very quiet hiccup in the Fabric of Humanities Chosen Realities.
Well, I have a little time before the Consequences of my not being able to accrue enough Money hits me with even harsher culturally accepted American Realities that have already afflicted thousands of others in similar and not so dissimilar circumstances and ways.
Do not mistake me.  Do not send any Money my way.  I have accepted my lot.  What Is, Is.  What will Be, will Be.
The World is filled with martyrs.  I choose to be a martyr like Christ and Ghandhi.  I accept the Great Harm coming my way, and Hope that it will create some type of Change Agent for Others.  Even Soylent Green has its final productive usages for the Future.  Perhaps I’ll go out as someone’s unexpected dyspeptic burp or relieving symphonic flatulence.  I’ve always been rather Musical, so I am Hoping for the latter.
In the meantime, let it be known, that the Whole, Wide World Needs Universal Healthcare for One-and-All !  Because without Good Health, and Good Healthcare, there is no decent Opportunity for a truly Good and Happy Life!
Adieu and Bon Apetite !


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Emanuel Paparella2016-12-28 17:01:22
I already knew of your mishap and consequent sufferings from your previous writings, Leah, but the above narration leaves me numb and speechless. It’s like getting hit on the head with a club. What is one to say in response that does not sound trite and trivial?

We have indeed reached a sorry stage in this beloved country of ours. Obviously you, as well as many other baby-boomers (some of them, alas, went to vote for Trump in despair) are painfully disappointed that the American dream, is slowly turning into a nightmare, as depicted in the movie Soybean. The same is happening on the other side of the Atlantic, I am afraid and to use America as the scapegoat is a poor solution indeed. Well you should be disappointed at seeing your dreams and ideals turn to ashes, well should I too, well should all those patriotic Americans who have enough wisdom to understand what’s happening before our eyes as we speak.

I feel terribly sorry for all those disappointed Americans who have nothing to fall back on, who believed and were counting on the dream based on freedom, prosperity, democracy which under the present circumstances seem to be turning to ash, an illusion within a delusion. This is something predicted by a John Adams at the very founding of our country, unless the new polity managed to remain a Republic of Virtue, and it is indeed confirmed by history. But, as you so poignantly express it, we have something to fall back on, beyond material political visions that may or may never came to fruition or perhaps await their revival. We have a hope in a person who did not promise a kingdom of this world but one that would endure forever and was beyond corruption. You are wise to hold on to that. It will serve us much better than undelivered temporal promises which are and remain temporal.

The movie you allude to is science fiction of a distant dystopian future (at least it was in 1973, not so much today…) arriving with globalization and transforming the American Dream into the American Nightmare. It predicts the arrival of a Donald Trump. Thank you for sharing your reflections on it. But to see that reality narrated through a personal painful description of such a misfortune is to see historical reality unfolding before one’s eyes; the personal narration synthesized to the historical narration. That is indeed the personal story brought to life of a good portion of the American middle class, those of us who used to think themselves blessed, even exceptional in many ways, awaiting future blessings, and now realize that “all is vanity of vanities.”

But to be now bereft of hope, as many in that class are, and have nothing to fall back on, is to be poor indeed. It is the real tragedy, beyond dollars and euros. I know that you feel sorry for such people, as I do. We ought to pray for them and we also pray for ourselves. Which of course does not diminish our disillusionment and pain, but let’s continue being grateful for our blessings as we rely on the safety net of our Christian faith, when everything else fails and one is sorely tempted by anger, nihilism and despair. Let us continue praying for each other. Do not despair, stay in touch with the conspiracy of hope and be of good cheer. It is Christmas, after all, the time for the good news. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. Your fellow Ovi family member.

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