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Aspen Leaf
by David Sparenberg
2016-12-27 08:25:39
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aspen01_400Look at the leaf of the aspen tree.  It is barely here, yet makes itself known. Its slender body is all that it has, yet this is not all that it is!

Listen: the aspen leaf is speaking two physical languages at once.  It shakes and quivers, moving to the slightest stirring of wind passing down from an opal sky.

Wind to a leaf is a messenger of destiny.  Each leaf hangs ready to respond.

At once the aspen leaf is lamenting the brevity of life.  With a subtle elegance attuned to nature, the leaf of the aspen weeps in the fate of existence.  Innately leaf knows.  In a little time it will fall and return to the constant mulching miracle of the Earth.  Ah—leaf passes a single cycle!

Simultaneously the trembling leaf is dancing. And to the music of passing wind the leaf wind-dances as its way of singing the world.

Of what does this aspen leaf sing?  Leaf’s special variation of the universal song: it sings to the beauty of the day and serenity of night.

The aspen leaf sings in the glory of seasons: of air and sky, of soil and water; of tree and the coming and going of villages on branches.

Through this dancing-song, when the leaf of the aspen tree is kissed and caressed and tangoed toward Earth and the invisible by sighing, amorous, heavy breathing wind, it shows us that it too is here: a shimmering presence, giving what it suggests and what it is not in the way of life.

That is sacred.

David Sparenberg - 24 November 2016



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