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CHRISTMAS in the Floating World
by David Sparenberg
2016-12-25 11:30:36
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Christmas—formerly Christ Mass—celebration of the birth of Jesus.  The one his believers call Lord and the Christ.

davi01_400_03The family was mixed in with the population of the dirt poor.  They were on the road, not looking for trouble with the authorities of economic injustice, persecution and oppression.  We might say the Holy Family resembled refugees: that Virgin Mother, a social anomaly, the Honorable, Surrogate Father, the yet to be born Son of Man.

The young mother was as sweet as wild honey; gentler than a cooing dove.  She gave birth to her child in a manger.  A manger is a stable.  The baby Jesus was born among animals.  Right there, with the odors and cacophony of donkeys and sheep and goats.

Nothing in the impoverished birth and the itinerate life and the terrifying, terrible death—that dehumanized death that awaited the new born—nothing about him had anything to do with commerce and advertising, with sales’ pitch and capitalism; with consuming more throw away plastic junk, for yet another year, to further make toxic and poison the Earth.

As to resurrection; the inevitable Easter reversal that Christmas and everything following in the faith of Christians is always leading up to…well…

Losing your mind on a car lot or in a department store has nothing whatever to do with resurrection.  Losing your soul at a mall; for yet another Christmas; forsakes resurrection—the suffering of the cross (of Aleppo and Mosel and global starvation) and forgets irritably the once precious memory of Christmas.  Of Christ Mass.

Forgetting that the holiday was originally Holy Day—a marking out of time—and had nothing back then, nothing whatever, to do with buying.  With dollar-patriotism and the semiotics of spending and moral dysfunction.   Exhaustion; bankruptcy.  The pandemic frenzy of the holly-jolly Season. 

Peace on Earth…

PEACE on EARTH!  Good will…

David Sparenberg - 26 November 2016


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Emanuel Paparella2016-12-25 15:10:10
Masterful reflection on the meaning of peace, complementing that of the Christmas jokes or Christmas as a joke on naive kids vis Santa. I would have one slight observation. Peace and good will ought not be disjointed or we run the risk of considering peace another gift from Santa. Peace is inherently dependent on good will. No good will, no peace either.

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