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Handwriting Vs keyboarding
by Katerina Charisi
2016-12-18 10:36:41
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I feel so much envy for those who can actually write on paper. I belong to the keyboard-generation; born in 1981 with my first computer, a flat towered 80826, bought in 1990. Just 9 years after I first opened my eyes to this world. I suppose everyone has guessed that I did start my writing-regime properly, by hand; then keyboard came and limited my handwritings to the strictly necessary.

writie01_400The difference between writing and typing was never an issue for me until quite recently, after a couple of years of active practice writing and when I started sensing that at times, there was something missing from my scripts. Still, I could never pinpoint what it was.

I had many excuses in my blame-game, with lack of time to be the major one. I am a mother of two young boys and that only fully packs my days. Lack of concentration was another one; this time had to do with timing. Many other excuses to follow, all randomly blaming: lack of silence and privacy, a proper working place and light, noise and smells. All adding to one excuse for my indiscipline and very slow progress, all ending with me complaining that I cannot concentrate enough to “my own words” and find out what’s wrong or missing.

It’s been only a couple of months since I started using my hand, handwriting again and taking it seriously all following my mentor’s advice. I started writing in a very inspiring notebook with a black hard cover and always with a pencil - not to erase; never to erase.

I still find it very hard. When thoughts and words flow so fast in my mind, my hand can’t follow. The same time I have noticed something new, it seems that somehow my writing on paper comes to life on its own. I can actually watch it when I begin to write with a rested hand; I can see letters, all round and clear, and some other times while I write - as fast as possible - the letters become blurry, messy, even unrecognizable.

Well, it is beautiful.

I can witness the progress and evolution of my own creativity. I can spot the fast flowing words, I can see the parts where my hand is tired; I can see me in the text. Excited, clumsy, confused, angry, or happy and secure. In addition to that, an old childhood habit has return, I draw tiny little daisies or hearts next to some words with a certain particular meaning for me the time I wrote them.

I press harder or lighter the pencil, I outline, circle, thicken words and sentences, or just draw a large black “X” over a word as I revised the sentence. All these essential for my mind’s comfort, things that I simply can’t do with my keyboard and my laptop. When using the keyboard I just hold my cursor over the wrong parts turning them blue and press Del button, or overwrite.

When I look at my laptop’s screen, sometimes-somehow, when I expect this something more from myself, when I want to be stricter, the text looks suddenly soulless, lifeless, sterile and cold.

I would have never believed that there is pleasure in having my handwriting in front of me; page after page, hold them, turn them, carry them with me, interfere with them any moment I like and eventually watch all this amazing process and all that evaluating my own writing skills. And all that as if I didn’t experience it myself.

That even though handwriting is still a battle.

In any case, disciplining inside me my own thoughts and force them to follow my hand’s speed and rhythm, has become a bitter-sweet obstacle to overcome on the way to become a better writer.

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Leah Sellers2016-12-18 20:19:59
Yes Ma'am ! I Honor your exploring the Artistic and Physiological Importance to writing our thoughts out and down by our own hand ( for those who can). I always had my students do their Rough Drafts in their own hand writing. The final copy was done on keyboards.
There is a deeper connection to the information being written down by our own hand. A greater Mind/Body connection to the information or musings.
Have Fun with your endeavor !

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