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Hate & Love
by David Sparenberg
2016-12-22 12:24:15
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hate01_400_01Hatred is a slithering anaconda of the anti-human.  The snake of hatred gradually devours those who play with it.  At last haters are consumed into the lightless guts of the crushing serpent.

Love is a white bird, wide winged with white shadow.  This is like the sun, casting a white shadow.  And this is like God in the revelations of justice.

Living below the wings of love, lovers live within love’s shining ring; composing beams of the great mandala of light.

In this life, there are moments of clear definition when the human heart chooses between courage and fear; when the soul chooses between love and hate, between vision and blindness.  And also between the angel of liberation, with gentle, multi-racial face, and the barbed coils of the degrees of death, gape jawed and with reptilian eyes.

Friends, never trust a decision made out of fear, by yourself or by others.  Fear is a measure of impoverishment.  Love may take a vow of simplicity, but love is never poor.

David Sparenberg
17 November 2016

(Wrote this earlier this morning)


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