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For every Little Prince on Earth
by Gordana Mudri
2016-12-17 08:50:46
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You were disappointed because the snake's bite didn't get you back to your little planet. You just slept for long time and now you grew up and you are still here. And everything looks so strange and so weird. Even worse than before. Not that it is the desert that makes you feel so lonely, you also feel the same among people. You feel like you don't belong here.  

But you are wrong.

prince01_400You must realise that it's been long time since you left your planet. The rose has faded away long time ago without anyone to water it. The volcanoes have died without someone to clean them, and the seeds of baobab trees have crushed your planet. You knew that this could have happened when you left.  Your rage rises because of decisions you have made.  You are your worst enemy.

Leave the past and start living again.

I know you are scared. This world is so cruel and noisy. So different to your little silent planet where you felt protected, enjoying being alone.


I know you miss everything from there. You miss the sunsets you liked so much to watch, feeling sad. But, trust me, you don't need hundreds of sunsets, one sad moment in a day is quite enough.

You miss your rose.  She let you go, but she didn't want you to see her crying. You were too young for love, and you didn't find the right words. But here, you will find gardens of roses and one day you will find the right rose that will impress you with her fragrance. She will reject her thorns and you won't need a glass bell to protect her. She will be perfectly safe beside you, just because of who you are. And she will blossom just for you.

You miss destroying baobabs? Trust me, there are so many seeds of weeds you can rip out here, much worst than those you have had.  And I'm not talking just about plants.

You can't clean volcanoes here. They are here to remind us how powerful nature is and they can be dangerous. But, more dangerous are these volcanoes that smouldering inside you. You have to set them free. You have to set free this power and the heat of your heart. This world needs that amazing strength you carry.

I know you feel lost with no one around to understand you. But, don't worry, you are not alone. There are those like you somewhere, born from the stars. They wait for you. You just have to be willing to find them. Make the step and your paths will cross. And you will recognise them by their eyes - full of stars, and by their laugh that sounds like thousands of little bells.

You don't need a snake's bite and a slow, painfull death to take you to some better place. The life here will bite you and it will hurt you countless times, revealing new paths and new places for you. And every bite will make you stronger, braver and more alive.

Everything happens for a reason; you know that.  All these doubts, wich torn apart your mind, are the signs of your predestination. You are here for a reason.

This world is drowning, lost in madness and distrust. This world needs a healer, someone with a pure heart, someone gentle, generous and loving.  Someone who is so different that feels like he doesn't belong here. But he does.

 And that someone is you.

On this planet with lost values, you are the treasure. You are priceless. You are the hope that could make  this world a better place.

All you have to do is to open your heart. Beat the fear and distrust. Give your love and love will come to you. Give the best of you and the best of this world will come to you... To soothe you, to overwhelm you and to send your loneliness and anger away from you.  

Please, you beautiful being with the stars in your eyes, stay here. This planet is grateful for your existence.


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