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When Dis-eases Govern What We Do
by Leah Sellers
2016-12-14 11:06:04
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Folks with Dis-eases, if they are not in Denial, sometimes Think a lot about the Dis-ease eating away at them.
They Think a lot about How the Dis-ease effects/affects Themselves and Those around them.
They Cogitate about How those Dis-eases effect/affect their Decisions.  What they Can and Cannot Do.  How much they have Changed or will Change, and what those Changes may or may not Bring.
leah01_400_02If Dis-eased Folks take the Time to Sit Still and Think - deeply Think about how that Dis-ease is interacting within them, with them, their Quality of Life, their Hopes and Dreams, their Relationships, their Reality.  Sometimes they develop the Strength and Grace to bear what is ahead for them, what is no longer possible, and what is Now possible.
Perhaps, they can even make fewer Mis-takes or Mis-steps in the Future given the accepted Realities of their Dis-ease.
However, if they Remain and Seethe in Anger, Resentments, Frustrations, Abandonments, Dis-appointments, Abuse and Mis-use - they can wend up Destroying Themselves and Others before the Dis-ease overtakes them or has Time to Heal.
One Body is much like another.
Take America.  Why should the most Dis-eased and damaged parts of America be given so much Numerical/Power Game importance within an outdated political mechanism called The Electoral College  ?  Why should the most Damaged and Abandoned be given all of the Power to short-circuit the overall We the People Popular Vote of more than 2.8 million Citizens for Hillary Clinton for the United of America’s presidency ?  Why ?
The Healthier parts of America better blended with other Dis-eased areas of America Voted overall for Hillary Clinton, because she actually Cares about America, and the American People, and other Peoples of the World.
Unlike Trump, Hillary Clinton will not desert NATO.  Hillary Clinton will not assign a Cabinet full of Billionaires and Generals who intend to strip Women’s Rights, Labor Rights, Human Rights, Climate Control mechanisms and actions in order to give the Planet away to the Oil and other Non-Green Energy Corporation/Banking interests (interested only in themselves and their coffers and futures, not those of the people they intend to enslave, use and abuse, and make their gluttonous fortunes off of).
Hillary Clinton will not hire Cabinet members who will destroy our Public School System, as Mr. Trump is, (so that they can Privatize them in order to make even more money for the handful that get to Privately Own them, and say “tah-tah” to anyone who can’t pay what they are asking, and take the Taxpayers monies to run their Privately owned Schools - tisk-tisk !).
Hillary Clinton will not hire Cabinet members and Secretaries of this-or-that who will all primarily be Goldman Sachs Billionaires (some the very hedge fund miscreants who brought about the Housing Bubble and  Great Recession/Depression Crash, and then cashed in on it as quickly as they could) or Generals hungry for War and more Wars and more Wars, because that is what Chest Thumpers do and there is a lot of Ching-Ching ! Money to be made off of Wars don’t you know.  It’s just Good Business !  And it’s good for the Chest Thumpers images, optics and prestige !
No, Hillary Clinton will not do that, nor hide her Tax Returns nor continue to make money off of the American Taxpayers by making them pay to hold to meetings in their Home, like Mr. Trump does in his Golden Tower.  Nor will Hillary make money off of America around the World, like Mr. Trump already is, that does not get spent on Others - on uplifting Children and Women and Families around the World.  Things like this are an afterthought to Mr. Trump, but not to Hillary Clinton.
Mr. Trump has already proven that he does not intend to help anyone but himself, his Family and his Cronies and Cohorts, because after all, you must keep the other Gang members happy or who knows what could happen.
Mr. Trump is all about making Deals - making Money - accruing Power for his own self-aggrandizement. 
Hillary Clinton is about Making the World a Stronger and Better Place All Together.
So, why should We the People allow the Rust Belt States, Coal Mining States, the Manufacturing States damaged, dis-appointed, dis-eased and abandoned by the Mega-Corporations and Mega-Banks (and their bought and sold politicians, lobbyists, lawyers, cronies and cohorts) whose decisions many years ago to make America a Service Economy, so that they could selfishly, callously and gradually (in hopes that no one would notice what was happening too soon) move all of America’s Manufacturing overseas so that they could get the Work done by Cheap Slave Labor within Cheap Slave Labor markets, and sell those Cheaply made products back to the Americans whose jobs they took away for Their Overlording and Empire Building Profits in the first place.  Why ?
And to top it off, because the American Jobs were taken away and Technology began to rise and Robots began to take over the American Workers one time jobs, before enough new Training Programs could be initiated for the New Job Market we now find all of ourselves in today.  Many Americans are having difficulty keeping up with the Elitist Economy of rising rents, mortgages, food costs, energy costs, and general product costs above what they earn, because the Living Wage is UnLivable !
And within all of this, the Housing Bubbles made a lot Mega-Corporations and Mega-Banks and Wall Street Players very wealthy, but many Americans lost their Homes, and are Poorer by far.
And the Medical Corporations, Pharmaceutical Corporations and Insurance Corporations (many of which have merged into even bigger Mega-Corporations and own one another) deliberately sabotaged the Affordable Care Act, by getting more and more expensive to use (because we did not go all the way into a Single-Payer, Universal Healthcare System) and which is now in jeopardy after making sure that over twenty million other Americans who could not get Health Insurance before, could finally get it with no hitches (other than cost, for some).
So, yes, there is lot to grumble and moan about.  But Trump is hiring folks who will undo all of the Good that was done and exacerbate the worst that has already been done, but was under repair by President Obama.
However, as much empathy as one might have for those most badly damaged, dis-eased and abandoned by all of these Actions and Non-Actions, this is no time to Act Out against our Best Interests.  America’s Best Interests.
Why should All of America allow the most Dis-eased States who Chose to vengefully Act Out and become Self and Other destructive to decide who our next president should be through the Numerical/Power Game of the Electoral College (which is supposed to protect America from Demagogic Despots, and Foreign Interests, and other such Mis-Fortunes that may come her way) ?  Why?
Why allow the Dis-ease that got us here in the first place to take All of America all of the way down and out ? Why?


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