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Last One There, Is a Rotten Egg!
by Leah Sellers
2016-12-22 12:24:00
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“Daddy, why do I have to go to Church with you and Mama every Sunday ?  It’s borin’.  I hate sittin’ still for so long.  And every time I move or try to whisper to my friends, Mama pinches my leg real hard, and tells me to be quiet and pay attention to the Preacher.  I just can’t stand it, Dad.  Can’t I stay home on Sunday’s until I grow older and don’t mind sittin’ still and bein’ bored ?  Teddy whined convincingly.
Teddy’s Dad tried not to laugh outright.  Instead he put on his Serious Dad Face and said, “No, Teddy.  That won’t work.  Your Mama would never allow it.  She wants you to get religion, and her want is my, and your, command.”
church01_400“But Daddy, I got baptized last year.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I got dunked in the Holy Water at the Church.  Isn’t that enough ?”
“Not accordin’ to your Mama.  It’s not enough.  There’s other things for you to Learn about in Church that she wants you to get through that stubborn head of yours, Boy.  So, that’s an end to it, Teddy.  Sunday is Go to Church Day.  That’s it, and not another word about it.”
“But Daddy, I Learn a lot of things at school, and on t.v., and on my computer.  Why can’t that be enough ?”
“Heck, Daddy, I feel like all I do is Learn things all of the time.”
Teddy’s Dad grinned, “Oh yeah, and just what are you Learnin’ on your t.v. and computer games ?”
“I don’t always play games, Dad.  Sometimes I watch and read other interesting’ things on t.v. and my computer.  Real important things.”
Teddy’s dad looked steadily at his Young Son.  “And just what might these real important things be ?”
“Well, I watch the News sometimes.  Even when the News People talk about the borin’ weather, I listen to when it is or is not gonna’ rain.  “Cause it’s important to know when I can and when I can’t come outside to ride my pony,”  Teddy announced proudly.
“And I know that a real cool guy, named Donald Trump, is gonna’ be America’s next president.”
“Yes, he is.” Teddy’s dad agreed.  “He’s so cool your Mama and I voted for him.”
Teddy smiled up at his Daddy.  “Did you know that Mr. Trump is a billionaire, Dad ?  A billionaire !  He lives in a Gold Tower, and invites everybody he meets to come on over and party.  And I love parties.  Can we go to one ?”
Teddy’s Dad grinned, “Well, we don’t live in that neck of the woods, Teddy, and I doubt that we’ll ever run in Mr. Trump’s circles.”
“I would love to go to one of his parties, Dad.  The t.v. people say that he’s a’ old PlayBoy.  That he used to date all of these PlayGirls, and they would play with one another all of the time.  I love to play with all of my friends, too, Daddy.  Mr. Trump and I have that in common.  That is just so cool !  I have somethin‘ in common with the cool guy who is gonna‘ be our president !”  Teddy said enthusiastically.
Teddy’s Dad reddened a bit around the neck.  He cleared his throat,”  Teddy, let’s skip that subject for awhile.  What else did you Learn about Donald Trump ?”
“Well, that he used to have his own school, called Trump University.  That folks paid him a lot of money to Learn about how to make a lot of money for themselves.”
“But somethin’ happened, and the folks who paid him all of that money got mad.  And they said that Mr. Trump had cheated them.  I didn’t really understand that part.  But they all got together and sued Mr. Trump, and he gave them 25 million dollars so they would stop complainin’ about him bein’ a Lyin’ Cheat and somethin’ called a Con Man.”
“But Dad, if you can make billions of dollars bein’ a Lyin’, Cheatin’ Con Man, and then become the president of the United States of America, then that’s what I want to be when I grow up.  I’ll betcha’ Mr. Trump doesn’t have to spend every Sunday bein’ bored by the Preacher, and gettin’ pinched by his Mom.”
Teddy’s Dad opened the fence gate in thoughtful silence, and let Teddy slide through before walking through himself, and closing the gate behind them.
“But Daddy, I also heard that Mr. Trump is mean to animals.  And I don’t like that about him.  On t.v. he told one of his friends that he liked to grab ladies pussy cats for fun.  Just because he could, ‘cause he’s a t.v. star.” 
Teddy shook his head from side to side,  “If Mama heard that she’d be real sore.  She’s always gettin’ onto me for scarin’ her chickens and chasin the calves around.  So, I have never told her about that.  Only you, Dad, ‘cause you’re a guy like me.”
“Dad, why would the President want to hurt defenseless animals, just ‘cause he thinks he’s more important than them ?”  Teddy asked.
“Mama and the Preacher are always sayin’ that it’s bad to hurt anything out of meaness or just because we can.”
“How can a President be that way, Dad ?”  Teddy reiterated.  “If Mr. Trump feels that way toward, and does those mean things to ladies pussy cats, will he be that way with people, too  ?  Would he be that way with me or you ?”
Teddy’s Dad was speechless.  Smiling suddenly, he said, “I’ll race you to the horse barn.  Last one there, is a rotten egg !”
The Father and Son took off across the field full steam.  Teddy’s Dad’s thoughts were racing, too.  What kind of future was his Son, and his Family, racing into.
“Hey Daddy, you’re slowin’ down !  I’m smellin’ rotten eggs already !”  Teddy shouted out gleefully as he pushed harder to get past his Father’s long strides.


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