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Eureka: Avoiding wars
by Jay Gutman
2016-12-06 11:53:25
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As counterintuitive as it may sound, people make peace with strong countries, not with weak countries. This basically means leaders say “we’re strong” as opposed to leaders saying “I’m strong, my people are weak.” Countries with weak people get swallowed up.

war01_400_03What is also true is if you’re a leader and you believe your country and people are strong and other countries and people are weak, at best you’re going to have to make alliances with weaker countries, before you get swallowed up by stronger countries.  If your employees are weak, sales lag behind and your competitor moves forward.

Politics is a game where there are no weak people and where there are no weak countries. So if you want a strong country, you need to be strong at five levels:

-At the military level. This is the most important level of strength. You need a strong, fit, smart army. But you also need collaboration and discussions with other armies, formal and informal talks. You need a degree of skepticism when holding those talks, and need to keep in mind that you are a strong army dealing with strong armies.

-At the environmental level. People don’t do business with poorly dressed businessmen, nor do they do business with countries where cleanliness is not the standard of living. Clean air, clean streets and clean citizens needs to be your way to go. Other countries share the air you breathe, and too much pollution, be it the air or the rivers or the seas or sending tourists who have no basic hygiene can be a motive for wars.  

-At the political level. Your politicians need to agree that they are strong leaders elected by strong people, and that everyone is strong within the country. If leaders insist that they are stronger than the people, they will either get people to turn their backs against them, or enemy countries will seize the opportunity to attack a weak and destitute people who can’t respond to attacks. There are no messiahs in politics.

-At the social level. High crime rates, high gambling rates, high addiction rates, financial mismanagement, big business eating small business. Enemy countries look at those signs and know that drug addicts may have the beer fists, but they fall before they give their first punch.

-At the economic level.. There is no weak economy. Weak economies starve and disappear. Nor is your economy God’s gift to the rest of the world. You need a strong economy where people can compete wisely, sue their boss if they’re being harassed and sue their contractor if they’re not being paid. When foreign businessmen come to your country, they need to be able to sue you if they feel cheated. Not enabling so can lead to unnecessary wars with other countries.

In sum, in politics or in leadership you need to be careful when you talk about weakness. You also need to be very careful when categorizing the strong as weak. If you make it sound like there are too many weaknesses in your country or that other countries have too many weaknesses, you might get swallowed up. Don’t forget that the strong make alliances with the strong and that the weak have to depend on the strong.

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