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The Subversive and Perversive Normalization of Darkness
by Leah Sellers
2016-12-04 12:52:59
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“LeRoy, get out from behind me with all of that heavy breathin’ !  What in tarnation is wrong with you, Boy ?”  Sam grumbled testily.
“I’m pretendin’ to be Darth Vader, Sam,”  Leroy answered with a lopsided grin.
dark01_400_01“You know I don’t go out for all of that science fiction hooey, Leroy,”  Sam retorted.  “Besides, I need your help repairin’ this barn door.  Grab a hammer from my tool kit, and get right back over here.  Time’s a-wastin’.
“You do too like Darth Vader, Sam, ‘cause you, and everyone else who voted for Trump have now given our great nation a Chief of Trump’s Staff who is on record sayin’ that, ‘Darkness is Good.  That Dick Cheney, Darth Vader and Satan’ are where the real ’Power’ of the World is,”  Leroy chided.
“Poppy-cock !”  Sam exclaimed.  No fine, upstandin’ Christian would even think such a thing.  Much less say that in public.  That’s one of those False Media Lies bein’ spread around.  Trump, and his Bandidos are goin’ to do a fine job makin’ America Great Again.”
“strange that you should use the word Bandidos, and Trump did, too, say it, Sam.  And he’s proud of sayin’ it,” Leroy said.  “That’s the problem with all of these False Media Stories.  It makes it hard for a fellah to know when he’s hearin’ the Truth or bein’ fed a downright Lie.  But I have this on good authority from a major news source.  It’s true alright.”
Leroy sighed, “That Breitbart head honcho, Steve Bannon, has gone and sold his Soul to the Devil, himself.  And what does that say about the rest of us.  ‘Cause that Trump fellah listens to every word that Nietsche Super White Man worshippin’ Bannon whispers into his tufted ear.”
“And now Trump has gone and surrounded himself with even more hotheaded, backwards thinkin’ White Men.  No diversity is showin’ up in his Cabinet or Close Advisors as of yet.  They’re all lily White Men.  No people of color or women allowed as of yet,”  Leroy asserted.  
“He’s got that Muslim hatin’ Flynn as his National Foreign Affairs Advisor,  Satan and Darkness lovin’ Supremacist Bannon as his Chief Strategist, and Sessions, a man who in the past called the NAACP a bunch of Commie Pinkos, as his probable Attorney General,”  Leroy further expounded.
“Vice President Elect Pence is no hothead, Leroy.  He’s cool as a cucumber.  He’s a true Reaganite.  He worships our past great president,”  Sam said defensively.
“Great to some, but not to all, Sam,”  Leroy reminded him.
“Be that as it may, Pence is a fine, upstandin’ Christian man.  He’s against all of those Happy folks….”
“Happy folks, Sam ?  Who might they be ?”
“Leroy, you are such a dolt sometimes.  You know those Gays.  And he is also against Abortion and that Planned Parenthood outfit that’s run by all of those brayin’ Feminists.  He’ll set ’em all straight.  You just wait and see,”  Sam challenged.
“Sam, you know that I am not for folks gettin’ into people’s private lives.  I believe in live and let live.  I believe that folks need to make their own decisions about their own darned lives.  That no one needs to butt their nose into other folks’ business. Especially when it comes to who they really are, who they really want to build a life with, or what they want to do with their bodies and lives as long as no one else gets hurt,”  Leroy said annoyed.
“So, the views of Pence make no never mind to me.  You are gonna’ have to sing that ole sour tune to someone else, my friend, because I have a tin ear where all of that is concerned,”  Leroy added.
“I’m more concerned with everybody gettin’ good payin’ jobs, good and affordable Health Insurance, good Schools, upgraded Infrastructures all over America, Homes, no more wars, takin’ care of Climate Change, and bein’ one of the first men to walk around on the planet, Mars,”  Leroy announced.
“Well, I want the same things, Leroy.  All but that walkin’ around on the planet, Mars.  You can have that all to yourself.  And Trump is the man who can get ’em for us,”  Sam said exuberantly.
“Sam, have you heard of Trump University ?”  Leroy asked.
“Yes, why ?”
“Well, your man Trump just got through paying out 25 million buckeroos to some of the students who sued him for Fraud regarding his so-called University.  He took hundreds of folks for a Con Man’s Roller Coaster Ride, and now is paying up to get it all behind him before he puts on his Crown,”  Leroy revealed.
“Yes, your man, Trump is meetin’ with World Leaders, like the fellah from China, in his own Trump Tower, with members of his own Trump recently made royal Family members, like Ivanka, and no one else much to speak of.  Not even the so-called or perhaps I should say the used-to-be-called, Free Press,”  Leroy said flatly.
“Well, that’s why I voted the man in.  I want him to do things differently.  I want him to shake things up,”  Sam said hotly.
“Well, he’s doin’ that, alright.  The American people know nothin’ about his Taxes or Financial Wheelin’s and Dealin’s.  And Trump has not divested himself of his assets.  He intends to make money off of all of his Properties and Trump Family Trinkets, Bobbles and future Hats,”  Leroy returned with some heat.
“Yep, he intends to make money off of all of the Diplomats stayin’ in his Hotels and playin’ Golf on his Golf Courses.  He has stock and interests in Energies and Lands globally, and intends to make money of all of those money makers, too.  And all the while that he is Wheelin’ and Dealin’ with all of the Politicos, Bank Owners, Corporate Magnets, Judges, and World Leaders, he intends to make money off of the brand name and Power of America.  Yes, he‘s gonna‘ make himself Great and bring America right along with him.”  Leroy said with a surly inflection.
“So, please, Sam tell this ’ole Hard-Head how this Trump fellah is gonna’ take care of the Workin’ Men and Women of this Great Country?  Please, tell me once again about he is the Salvation of the Workin’ Class,”  Leroy requested sarcastically.
“Well, I don’t rightly know,”  Sam sputtered.  “But Trump is a smart Business Man.  Betty Jean and I used to watch the Apprentice all of the time.  He knows what he’s doin’, and he’ll fire and shake up all of those lousy Politicians and Judges up there in Washington who have been takin’ fellahs like you and me for granted for far too many years.  While they fill their pockets with our Tax Dollars and Hard Earned Cash,”  Sam said.
“Sam, you really believe that man, who has never known Want for anything in his whole live long Life, relates to anything about you and Betty Jean’s lives ?  That he gives one flip or a hoot-and-a-holler about you or anyone else but his own Family Members ?  That he’s capable of following’ through on anything but his own Self Interests, because that is all he has ever known or done ?”  Leroy asked incredulously.
“Yes, I do, Leroy,” Sam answered.  “I attended his rally here.  I heard what he had to say, and I believe him.  He will Save us All !”
Leroy stared intently at his old friend.  “Well, Sam, what I see happenin’, just in the past ten days of his holdin’ court, is the Subversive and Perversive Normalization of Darkness and Chaos.”
“Leroy, I don’t think that there is such a word as Perversive,”  Sam said.
“Well, there is now.  Just like Trump, I am goin’ to Perversively Subvert presently known and held High Ideals and Grammatical Laws, “  Leroy said shortly.
“I, too, am gonna’ shake up the World of Goodness and Light with Trump’s Right-Hand Man, Bannon’s, Ideas about a World of Evil and Darkness, because that is where the Real Power is supposed to reside,”  Leroy said satirically.
“Sam, I’d like to help you, buddy, but I just don’t think that it’s safe for me to have a hammer in my hands right now.  I’m liable to knock the boards right in two on that ’ole barn door of yours,”  Leroy admitted.
“Tell you what, I’m gonna’ go have a cup of coffee with Betty Jean, and calm myself down a bit,”  Leroy explained.  “then I’ll be right back out to help you finish up out here.”
“Sounds good to me, Leroy,”  Sam agreed.  “And thanks for bein’ honest with me and not tryin’ to trump me up.”
“I’m gonna’ pretend I didn’t hear that,”  Leroy said as he slowly sauntered out of the barn toward Sam and Betty Jean’s back porch without another trumpin’ word.


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