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Trumpcare's Capitalizing Health System
by Leah Sellers
2016-11-29 10:46:12
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“Woo-ee !”  Senator Regression yelped as he gleefully tossed the paperwork he had been perusing down onto his desktop.  “Let it never be said that Donald Trump does not Share the spoils of his great victory !”
“Senator Regression, what are you so excited about, sir ?”  the junior Senator Alt-Right queried.
“Well, of course, Senator Alt-Right.  That paperwork proves why the American Electoral College, in spite of the two million popular vote for that Clinton woman, is makin’ Trump president of the United States of America.  The American people want Jobs., and spending’ money in their pockets,”  Senator Regression explained.
health01_400_02Chuckling triumphantly, Senator Regression asked,  “Have you seen his general plan for Trump care ?”
“No, not as yet.  But I do know that he intends to completely Privatize and hand it over to the Insurance Corporations again.  Something they have been lobbying hot and heavy for ever since Obamacare came into being,”  Senator Alt-Right answered earnestly.
“Well, Trump is gonna’ tear Obamacare up and throw it into the trash bin, where it belongs !”  Senator Regression wheezed and sneezed with delight.
“Darn allergies,”  Senator Regression said as he wiped his nose and face with his monogrammed hanky.  “Good thing we’ve got that excellent Taxpayer paid Healthcare plan here at the capitol.”
“Senator Alt-Right tried to hide a grimace as he asked, “But wasn’t Obamacare a Compromised duplicate version of a Republican Healthcare Plan that worked rather well in the state of Massachusetts ?”
“Don’t ever repeat those treasonous words again, Senator Alt-Right.  Not in this office,”  Senator Repression hissed.
“Yes sir.  Forgive me, sir.”
“Anyway, as I was sayin’ before you so traitorously interrupted me, Obamacare is now bein’ usurped by Trumpcare.”
Senator Regression returned his hanky to his back pants pocket saying, “Now, the Insurance/Medical/Pharmaceutical Corporations will still have to accept folks with those dreaded Pre-Existing Conditions, but they’ll just continue to do to them, and the Elderly, what they were doin’ under Obamacare.”
“They just give the Sickos and the Golden Oldies higher deductibles of $3,000 to $6,000 dollars before their Trumpcare Insurance Plans actually kick in.”
Senator Alt-Right frowned saying, “But, sir, that didn’t work for many people, because they never earned enough money in Wages to make the deductibles.  So, they were paying for Insurance they could not use or not paying at all.”
“Well, under Trumpcare those n’er-do-wells are gonna have to pay a $10,000 fine to the IRS if they don’t pay for Trump’s Privatized Insurance Plan.”
“But, sir, what happens if they cannot pay the $10,000 ?”  Senator Alt-Right asked.
Well, the Banks and Lending Service Corporations will be makin’ a killin’.  And they are some of our most powerful and wealthy allies, donors and customers to the Trump Towers and Golf Courses nationally and globally.”  Senator Regression said easily.
“A killin’, sir ?”
“You bet !  The n’er-do-wells can just take out Loans with heavy interest rates each and every year.  They’ll be the Piggy Banks squealin’ all the way to the Mega-Banks and Mega-Corps that all of us Serve.  That all of us bow and scrape to.”
“Imagine all of the jobs that will created in the Financial and Medical Care Empires !  Jobs !  Jobs !  Jobs !”  Senator Regression exclaimed with great satisfaction.
“Senator Alt-Right cleared his throat, “And what if they can’t get the loans or won’t take out loans they know that they can never repay or get out from under, that will simply continue compounding with each and every year ?”
“Well, they will go straight to jail !  That’s what !  And that, sir, will enrich our Court Systems and Lawyers and Bail Bondsmen, and their Secretaries, and all of our Privatized Prisons.  Many of which are already owned by the very Oligarchs of Mega-Banks and Mega-Corporations who are just this minute salivatin’ and lickin’ their chops over Trumpcare, and Trump’s presidency, hee-hee.”  Senator Regression leaned back in chair smiling wolfishly.
“And we will need more and more Privatized Prisons to be built, which means more and more Jobs !  Jobs !  Jobs !  And we can get all of the Debtors to pay off their Debts to the State, and the Mega-Banks and Mega-Corps Empires by gettin’ them to do all of the Infrastructure Jobs that have got to be done for our great nation.  And we’ll get all of that Privatized work done very, very cheaply, while the Builders and Politicians who give the builders those Privatized Projects more, more, more !
“Oh the Beauty of unregulated and unfettered Capitalism !”  Senator Regression exclaimed.
“You see, Senator Alt-Right, we will all be enriched by Trumpcare.  Trump will definitely take care of all of his Elitist Friends and Golf Buddies.”
“It’s the perfect Scam….er, I mean Plan.  Healthy Plan for a lot of Pocketbooks nationally and globally.,”  Senator Regression sputtered as he collected himself.
Senator Alt-Right renewed his frown,  “Will the Sick, who are Poor, and imprisoned be able to get proper Healthcare in the Privatized Prisons ?”
“Certainly, they will.  And those costs will be taken out of the pennies a day that they are given out for the work that they do while in prison,”  Senator Regression answered cheerfully.  “Debtors will always be in debt, even in Debtors Prison.  But of course, we’ll never call it that.”
“Of course, not, sir.  But doesn’t it bother you that Trumpcare will be creating a never ending and ever growing Debtor/Slave cast in the United States of America ?”  Senator Alt-Right asked carefully.
“Why no.  Debtor/Slave casts have always existed in one form or another.  It’s a Werewolf eat Werewolf World we live in.  That is the Reality the American People who Voted for Trump and America’s Electoral College is Voting for, and are beggin’ for, Senator Alt-Right.”
“And, you of all people should understand the Predatory Supremacy of this Scam…er, I mean Plan, and many others like it to come.”  Senator Regression stated firmly with a hard, knowing glint in his eyes.
Senator Alt-Right got up suddenly, but fluidly, from his ornate armchair, and moved over to the room’s singular large window.  Gazing out at the hard crystals clinking and striking against the window panes, he said, “It appears that we are in for a Heil Storm.”
Senator Regression smiled appreciatively,  “Ha !  In a manner of speakin’ Senator Alt-Right, I’d say that we all have somethin’ to click our heels jubilantly together over.”
“Yes, I’d say that it’s one Heil of a Trumpin’ day !”


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