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Industrial societies
by Jay Gutman
2016-11-24 11:11:55
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There are essentially three types of industrial social models: newly industrialized societies, fully industrialized societies and declining industry societies.

In newly industrialized models, the government works with the private sector to establish an industrial model. Factories are built, agriculture becomes more mechanic, and industry starts massively producing processed food, clothes, furniture, household appliances, transportation goods and other goods.

industry01_400The disadvantage with newly industrialized models is that some people get too rich too fast and want the rest of the world to know that they’re rich. People who were involved with building the industry often overspend on so called “marketing expenses” that is on expenses that involve advertising the product but also advertising their wealth. Such new industrial magnates and their close ones sometimes develop an attitude of overly and overtly displaying wealth and are referred to with derogatory terms in several countries: bobos in France, chichi in Arab countries, tiki in Turkey, ‘arsim in Israel and have other names depending where you go. Driving expensive cars aggressively, complaining about the menu at restaurants, constantly talking about their privileges, marrying men and women thought of as very attractive, blatantly displaying wealth and the brands that go with it is often what characterizes people in such societies. Companies are often very hierarchical and the top often blatantly lets the rest know that they can’t access such privileges. Jane Austen and Balzac’s novels often deal with such aspects of society and some ethnic slurs are in fact referring to privilege that is taken for granted rather than to ethnicity itself.   

Once the industrial base is firmly established people and companies usually learn to distinguish between production, investment and marketing expenses. Marketing in the form of self-promotion becomes frowned upon and the product itself becomes the main concern at most companies. Sales become more about customer satisfaction and less about self-aggrandizement, and companies are encouraged to provide honest reports on how sales and investment goals are responsibly being reached.

In declining industrial areas, areas where industry once boomed but suddenly declines because the products are obsolete, or because of lack of innovation, competition from other industrial corners, or more often debilitating debt, such societies see the emergence of more risky behavior taking place. Declining industrial bases often see a rise in gambling, organized crime and lack of safety and security. Often, individuals who work in organized crime once tried their luck in industry only to lose everything, before organized crime groups offer to hide them and their debt from the rest of society.

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Emanuel Paparella2016-11-24 22:01:41
The picture above says it all in a way, by raising the question of whether or not man is a mere cog in a gigantic machine, or is perhaps himself a gigantic machine and therefore determined by positivistic scientific forces, or does he remain free to choose his own destiny and choose his behavior and how to conduct his own life?

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