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An Algorithmic Uh-Oh !
by Leah Sellers
2016-11-24 11:12:15
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Oh, the mighty Power of Algorithms !
In a World seduced, cajoled, guided, manipulated, ruled and spied upon by Algorithms anything and many things go.
numbers01_400Blip, blip, blip, blat, bing, ching, zing, pop and whizo-izo-izo-zippo !  Algorithms move through and effect/affect all of our Lives now.
Smart phones in Hand. Earplugs in Ears.  Laptops in Laps.  Yes, Algorithms follow us all around everywhere 24/7.  And what a merry, harried Chase it is !  Tally-ho-ho-ho !  Blip !  Blat !  Bing !
For nano-instance, America’s Constitutionally created Electoral College’s Algorithms and Regional divisions of importance, and areas of more importance and less importance due to condensed Numbers (and reams and reams of other Algorithms for all kinds of other Power and Cultural structures and interests) is filled with so-called neutral, not-so-neutral, Algorithms telling those in Power (and those who Voted for Mr. Trump) that Donald Trump has won the Electoral College’s Votes for the 2016 American Presidential Election.
But what do the Nationwide Algorithms tell all of Us about We the People’s Vote ?
What’s that ?  Hillary Clinton won the We the People’s Popular Vote by almost a million and/or more We the People Votes ?
What ?!
And yet We the People are told by those in Power and in the Media that Trump won our Presidential Election of Algorithmic perfection.
And who do We the People wag our Blaming fingers at, because Americans have always played this pre-set Elitist Electoral College Game.  Early slow moving and fast moving hand written and machine typed Algorithms and all.
Why gripe, complain and whine about the Electoral College less than satisfactory implications and Results, now ?
Because the Electoral College is supposed to Reflect the Majority Vote of the Will of We the People as a Whole Nation.  Hmmm…..
In Algorithmic binary, tri-nary, quadra-nary…..multi-nary Code and numerical infinitesimal finality can We the People hear a Simple Binary Code in answer to this Cultural, Philosophical, Ethical and Numerical
Quandary, especially when the two directions dividing America the Beautiful and the rest of the Whole Wide World are so stark, and of such Fork-in-the-Road importance ?
Uh-Oh !!


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Emanuel Paparella2016-11-24 16:30:43
Intriguing satirical analysis, but unfortunately the electoral college is here to stay, at least for the moment. It takes an amendment to the Constitution to abolish it, and there have been attempts to do so, but so far the attempts have been unsuccessful.

Perhaps we can examine some of the rationalizations for the Electoral College and hope that eventually our democracy as presently constituted makes some progress since its foundation in 1776 and becomes more representative of the people who exercise their right to vote.

After all, Clinton did win 2 millions more of the popular votes. I still remember the ironic comment by Vladimir Putin proffered 16 years ago when Al Gore won the popular vote but was elected by an elitist electoral college with some help from the elitist arch-conservative Supreme Court justice Anthony Scalia: “You call that democracy”?

Indeed, for Mr. Putin, and those of his anti-democratic authoritarian ilk, democracy means the ability to manipulate and interfere by hacking a foreign election (as he is also doing in Europe where he has parked Trojan horses everywhere) so that he can continue to divide and conquer and “make Russia great again” via despotism and bullying. No wonder he and Trump like each other.

Only for that reason Clinton ought to challenge the results and demand a recount. Irregularities and hacking have already been detected in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wyoming, three states where Trump won by a thin margin thus assuring his victory, via the electoral college, of course. Moreover out of 500 or so electoral college members, surely 50 can be found who, in conscience, can redress a rigged election, assuming that such was the intention of the founding fathers: the ability to redress a fraudulent election. On the other hand, if elitism was the real reason, then it would all be futile.

To be sure, the founding fathers did eliminate from the popular electoral process, all women, all Blacks and all white men without property (all the poor, in other words white or non white); which leads one to suspect that the real motivation may have been that of allowing the privileged minority and elitists of the Republic (the rich and powerful) to retain control of the whole process.

This is reminiscent of Plato’s argument in The Republic: would you wish to put control of the reins of power in the hands of an ignorant mob comprising 93% of the population or in the hands of the 7% who are wise and knowledgeable? Of course this line of thought ignores Aristotle’s argument that a decision made by 100 people, flaws and all, may turn out to be a better decision than that by one ambitious and power-hungry “philosopher king” or even a select elitist group.

But, without going too far afield philosophically and politically, history will soon render a verdict on whether or not the electoral college, exercising the rights of the individual conscience, which are sacred in a democracy, is able to redress what was rigged in this election; something that it can actually do; or are they just a rubber stamping conscience-less machine? For if they think that they do not possess such power, then it will surely mean that we have indeed lost our freedom; we just have the trappings of democracy, and we simply don’t know it yet.

We’ll have to get used to a State run not by ideals and inalienable rights but by power and utilitarian goals. Indeed, it couldn’t be otherwise, for people elect the government they deserve and ultimately reap what they sow even when the ground and the weather is good.

Emanuel Paparella2016-11-24 21:54:50
P.S. A follow-up to the comment above: there is a second alternative to having the Electoral College switch from Trump to Clinton, and it is this: considering that whopping two millions more of the popular vote were assigned to Clinton, and that Donald Trump's elevation to the presidency constitutes an emergency situation of the first magnitude, a veritable existential threat to the survival of our republic, and, further considering that the Electoral College was designed by the founding fathers exactly to prevent that kind of threat, by allowing electors to ignore or overrule the popular will, especially when an inept or a potential dictator was about to be empowered, why not get a bloc of electors from states Clinton won to choose a Republican alternative to Trump? It could be done by simply having 37 electors from states Trump won join the effort to switch to someone else, be he/she be a Republican or a Democrat. Then the election would get thrown into the House of Representatives, presently controlled by a Republican majority; there a final choice can be made. This proposal may undesirable and perhaps rise the specter of civil unrest, but it is certainly legal and possible.

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