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A RainFall of Yellow Gold...
by Leah Sellers
2016-11-22 09:09:23
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A RainFall of Yellow Gold….
rain01_400On a long, meandering Walk
Caught within a
RainFall of Yellow Gold Leaves
An Optical Molecular Delight
Of seemingly translucent
Little fluttering and flying
Sputtering and folding
Gracefully pirouetting
Around and around
Gathering underfoot
Scurrying atop the ground
Circles and Spiraling Waves
Of Vein streaked Tree Flesh
Surrounded by
Decaying sharp and rounded edges
Of Brown and Black
Yellow and Gold
And Gold and Yellow
Elements of Alternating Light
And Amber Shadow
Exposed to Wind
And Visions of Distant Clouds
Bare branches click and clack
Shake and Vibrate
With pony head-tossed ease
A Smile -
A Giggle -
Escapes my Lips
Tickles my Throat
Stirs my Heart
Ah, Autumn !
It is so Good to just Be……..Alive !


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