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by David Sparenberg
2016-11-18 11:43:21
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Look here America.  You have let yourself be lead around, or chased around, or led astray and whipped into frenzy by old folk.  Old Hillary.  Old Bernie.  Old Ebenezer Trump.  Well, I too am old.  An old man.  And I am not getting younger.

david01_400_02Unlike these others, I have no fat bundle of bucks in my pocket, no cache of cash laid up in an undisclosed place.  I have never attended the State Church of the Holy Market or the National Church of the Almighty Dollar.  I seek no public office.  How could I, being profiled as of the Loser Class?  I have no power, no power except the potential of solidarity.

See, I am nothing but a fragment of a part of a part of the overlooked, scorned (that is the intelligentsia), of the neglected, the forgotten and the poor.  With nothing to grab or gobble down or cover up, I have nothing to hide, nobody to bully or insult, and no reason to lie.  Why should I?  My social poverty is of a strange equality: I have nothing to gain and equally nothing to lose.

I am only an old man living downwind on the road of shame and time.  Is this a detour to the Holy Highway, or a direct route of the Alt Right Autobahn to Perdition?  Perhaps it is both?  Perhaps it is neither?  It is nearly impossible to tell.  I only perceive how difficult it is becoming to feel at home, to keep the faith, as the saying goes, underneath the twisted cross and the democracy trumping towers of Fascist Capitalism.

Moved but not embittered, I have little here to offer; episodes from pilgrimage to share.  Perhaps a memory and a cup of wine?  Perhaps an ordinary gift of water? Maybe a story?  Maybe a page or paragraph from a book of broken freedoms?  Or a faded flower, from between some pages of blood and thunder?

With or without, I can talk honestly awhile about what really matters with those who are not cowed or compromised and still will listen.  Speak with you, while I may, about trust, community, peace, compassion.  Speak of decency, dignity, race, faith, and even sanity.  Maybe of green sanity and nuclear disarmament—the new necessities of actual and threatened Earth, and a future or futureless humanity. 

A reset yet might be possible!  A recount yet of hearts and clear heads and souls!  Yet I have no top secret clearance.  Instead, an unsettling intimation of darkness.

Now, having opened up before you, I have only four simple words to put here.  These: My name is David.  Being identified in the human hope of being recognized, I have only four short questions to ask.  Now: What is your name?  What are you doing?  What together can we do about this?  And whether together or apart, who, as Americans, are we going to be?

David.  Old man.  Old white man.  Internal refugee…

 David Sparenberg
14 November 2016


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