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America's Cultural Shake, Rattle and Roll !
by Leah Sellers
2016-11-07 08:53:37
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As the Earth literally shakes, rattles and rolls beneath the anxious feet of Italy’s peoples, the Home of Ancient Rome,  America’s Cultural structures, based predominately upon Roman and Greek Ideals (and those of the Northeastern Native American Federation of tribes), are going through their own Tectonic Shiftings and Riftings.
elect01_400Yes, these ancient cultures which gave rise to the Ideals of Democracy are being Upset by Changes from within and upon the Earth’s Skin. Italy is dealing with Earthquakes causing her ancient and modern structures to crumble and tumble.  And Greece crumbled and tumbled due to the governmental policies and Corruption Eruptions which impoverished, stressed out and depressed her startled and shocked citizens.
And in America ?  Well, her Culture is polarized within an Electro-magnetic push and pull that portends to rend her Cultural Tectonic Structures from their very foundations.
Once again, due to meddlesome and contentious outside and inner forces upon the American political system and its outcomes (thanks to, Putin, Assange and Others…), the irascible entity called E-mails has once again popped its ugly head up, to bite Secretary Clinton in her unsuspecting derry-aire.
As though it’s not enough that she has had to overcome her husband’s sexual exploitations and conquests, and struggle against another man, in her run for the presidency, who also lives a Life entrenched within sexual exploitations and conquests.  Hillary Clinton is now having to deal once again with another man, who is also sexually exploitative and conquest seeking over E-mails found, but not yet analyzed, in his computer.  The computer of a Sexting Junkie. 
E-mails that may or may not have anything to do with her.  E-mails off of a computer not belonging to her, but belonging to an ex-politician, Anthony Weiner, who is Hillary’s Aide, Huma Abedin’s, estranged husband.  E-mails which are being combed through in order to convict Anthony Weiner of sexual crime(s).
Hillary has spent years surrounded and pounded by Sexually exploitative and conquest seeking men and E-mails which may or may not be rated as Confidential.  Sigh !!
Shall we take a look at the two Energies involved within American Presidential politics right now ?
Donald Trump is a very selfish and self-centered, mean-spirited, petty, vengeful, exclusionary, volatile, virulent, throw the Baby out with the dirty bath water, Reckoning Energy wrought by righteously indignant, angry and Cultural Tectonically displaced, ignored, overlooked, used and abused American Citizens.
Hillary Clinton is a steadfast, steady, inclusionary, highly intelligent, strong-willed, strategically oriented, guarded (because her past has taught her to protect herself from the negative energies and the twisted intentions of Others), but still Compassionate, Fix It and Heal It, don’t throw the Baby out with the dirty bath water, Energy.
Reckoning Energy is very different from Compassionate Fix It and Heal It Energy.
Trump is a Sexual and Psychological Predator.  He is a Man who views everything and everyone through the Eyes of a Predator.
If you are Dis-Abled, a black or brown Immigrant, a Woman, Poor, Sick, black or brown Minority, a captured Prisoner of War (which he was able to buy his way out of), a Muslim, someone who wants to Protect the Earth, an indebted Student, someone owning Land that he wants for one of his Projects, someone of Principle standing in his Way, someone who strives to Do what’s best for the Common Good of the Country (but not his pocketbook and interests), etc…,  Trump Sees you and Treats you as Individually and Socially weakened Prey.
You are a Meal that he intends to get others to chase down and cast down for him to gobble down.  He is an insatiable Predator.
Hillary Clinton wants to Roll Up Her Sleeves and get Everyone Organized and Charged Up to Individually and Collectively dive into America’s problems to Fix and Heal them and OurSelves, despite our thus far toxic and uselessly damaging, ’got’cha’ Congress.
Go figure ?!!
Yes, it is alarming when a Nation’s Cultural Tectonic Plates begin to shake, rattle and roll.  But let us all try and take into account that a President is supposed to be more like a Protective Shepherd of his or her Flock.  Not a Predator always Eye-balling its Prey for Profit or for Dinner.


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Emanuel Paparella2016-11-07 14:57:56
Indeed! Within Graeco-Roman civilization the expression “knowledge is virtue” meant just that: Knowledge ought to shape one’s character via a virtuous life (virtue ethics which avoids extremes and disharmony) and ought to be used wisely. This is the paradigm the founding fathers of our country accepted and followed in theory and then tried to practice in their lives, even when the practice (as to the notion of unalienable rights accruing to all humans) left much to be desired. Over a period of 300 years, the expression “knowledge is virtue” has slowly been replaced by Francis Bacon’s proverbial “knowledge is power.” If knowledge is power then the end justifies any means and virtue becomes a matter of competency: doing the job thoroughly, even if that job entails deporting or exterminating 11 million people. Enter Machiavelli and Hobbs. At this point, an FBI director like Jay Edgar Hoover will feel fully justified in putting the thumb on the scale and try to influence political events and defy and threaten with blackmail his own boss (the attorney general Robert Kennedy). He ultimately was a villain in love with power-grabbing, and no monuments ought to be erected with his name on it. Why are we so hypocritically surprised that, alas, it has happened once again within modern American political culture? When will we roll up our sleeves and begin examining this crucial issue of ethics conceived instrumentally which is not a political issue but a philosophical one?

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