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Hiding the truth
by Katerina Charisi
2016-11-06 11:14:53
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Hiding the truth

Soon Emily was men’s first choice at Rose’s. It wasn’t her beauty that attracted them the most, not her long, white dress, nor her black, straight hair with the silver locks. It was the freedom she breathed and the feeling that she would never belong to anyone. One thing that Rose never managed, was to keep Emily in her house when she wanted to. Emily worked whenever she needed money. She left when she felt she had enough. She never told anyone where she went. No one knew when she would come back. If she would come back.

lili01_400And then, there was a man. A handsome, rough man, a man that everybody knew as a modest, family man, with a lovely wife and two little kids. He came at Rose’s to see her. Then she came only for Emily. He looked at her with his head down, Lady in white, he called her. She rarely spoke to him. He fell for her, slowly, painfully, fully. He promised her a good life. She never believed him. Emily never believed. She had been told so many lies in the past; she only wanted to run. He made promises he knew he couldn’t keep. He hated himself for doing this. He left and swore he would never come. She laughed.


“How do you feel dear? Any better?” Frances pulled the thin, lace curtains and opened the window. She looked around in the room, hands on her sides, eyes half closed. Like she wanted to see how and what I did everything in that room. “We could put the baby’s crib there”, she said and smiled. He will need the morning light.”

“He? It could be a she.”

“Oh, it could. But it I can feel it will be a boy”.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway”.

I pushed the blanket and stood up, still feeling a little dizzy, from all the days of lay down.

“Don’t be like that, dear. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry about a thing, I’m here for everything you and the baby needs”.

“Thank you, Frances. There’s still time till the baby comes. I’m fine, thank you”.

She nodded and lowered her head. “Michael said you have bad dreams, lately. You don’t sleep well, do you?”

“Not every night. Sometimes I... It just feels so real. Like she has really been here”.

“That woman in the white dress you said?”


She closed the window and pulled back the curtain. “You should eat a little earlier and lighter. And rest.” Her voice sounded harsh this time. I knew there was something she wouldn’t tell. She went to the door.

“Have you ever heard about that woman who disappeared, almost 30 years ago?”

She stopped and turned slowly. “Why, 30 years is a long time my child. But I don’t think so.”

“Her name was Emily. She has... had a bike”.

“I think the crib would fit perfectly there. I think a hot soup would do you good.” She left, leaving the door open. When I heard her footsteps on the stairs, I put my shoes on and left the room. There was no sound from Marianne’s room. I put my hand on my tummy but felt nothing. I carefully went down, stepping lightly for not making the old stairs creak. In the middle I heard low voices from the kitchen.

“How would she know?”

“I told you she saw her”. It was Cornelia.

“Mother! Stop that. Enough with those superstitions of yours. Someone must have told her about, but who? Who? After all these years, who knows anything and why they would want to bring that old story back? What for? Who wants what from us?”

I went lower, only three steps away.

“I always knew this time would come. No one wants anything from us, Frances. Only her. She wants justice. They always do. Otherwise, they can never leave.”

“Go where, mother? Who’s they?”

“The dead souls.”

I heard a bang on the table. “Enough!” Frances voice trembled. “This is the last time we ever talk about this.”

Chairs moved and I quickly went back up, then turned and went down indifferently. “Oh, hello grandma”, I said as Cornelia came out of the kitchen. She looked at me and opened her mouth, then lowered her eyes and walked slowly to the hallway, for her room.

I went to the kitchen. “I’m hungry”.

“Come, come; sit. I’ll make you something before you know it.” Frances quickly wiped her eyes and turned away. I had to talk to Cornelia.




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