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Putin's Infectious Cheshire Cat Spinning Grin
by Leah Sellers
2016-11-01 10:12:41
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“Da-Man Number One, why is Boss Putin Grinning like the Cat who swallowed the Canary ? He rarely does this. The last time I saw him Grin like this was after one of his sworn enemies was shot dead in the streets,” Da-Man Number Two asked nervously.
“Da ! The Cat has swallowed a Canary by the name of Hillary Clinton. The emails he fed to Wikileaks have finally struck Payback Dirt, you might say, Da-Man Number Two,” Da-Man Number One answered casually and very, very quietly.
putin01“Yes, the steady drip, drip, drip of Hillary Clinton’s staff’s and democratic party members emails has finally formed the poisonous lake we were hoping would drown her much sooner than this. But eleven days out from the American’s final November 8th Election Day will work for Trump and his lemmings. And for Trump and his Elitist, Mega-Corporation, Mega-Banking, Oligarchic, Authoritarian, Dictatorial Puppeteers, cronies and cohorts,” Da-Man Number One whispered confidently into Da-Man Number One’s burning, curious ear.
“The Media over all the World loves the topic of Sex. Especially nasty Sex. Anthony Weiner’s Sexting to a 15 year old teenager back and forth has shown up on his wife’s, Huma Abedin’s, devices, for whatever Reasonings or UnReasonings, and because she is Hillary Clinton’s close Aide and Friend, will hopefully carry the damaging Clinton Email Spin to its intended Toxic End. And that is the End of that strong-willed, Human Rights and Women’s Rights Advocating Clinton Woman’s run for the American presidency,” Da Man Number One continued.
“We need Trump in the White House. He will undo all of the rest of the regulations protecting the American Public from most of Elites Predatory Profiteering, and Destruction of the Environments that keep all of us Human Beings alive,. He will be the UnDoing of many of their Freedom, Liberty and Justice for One and All Doings, while cunningly swearing up and down that it is just what he is protecting,” Da Man Number One further explained.
“The Elites are already making private plans to leave this Planet some time in the future when this one is ruined For and By Profit, for another Planet as we speak. They will leave the Riff-Raffing 98% behind, and flourish elsewhere, just as they have always done. They make the Messes, manipulate and addict everyone else into continuing to Make the Messes with them and for them for ‘A Living‘, and then leave the toxic Messes behind for everyone else to have to deal with as they will. It’s an Old Story humanity doesn’t seem to be able to change thus far. Maybe some day…”
“Da-Man Number One, what you say sounds close to treason,” Da-Man Number Two interrupted gruffly.
“Not at all, comrade. Not at all. I am just ruminating. Nothing more. Don’t pay any attention to an old man’s musings. Because, Boss Putin will lead us and Russia to greatness through just such Conniving Psychological Games with the empty-headed Americans and their Allies,” Da-Man Number One said quickly.
“Boss Putin’s build up of Usurpations of Lands who freed themselves from Russia, making her look weak in the Eyes of its People, and his meddling in the Syrian crisis to off-put The West and rest of the Middle Eastern leaders, because Russia is undergoing her own Economic and Cultural woes, is a work of genius. Deflections and Infractions of pure genius,” Da Man Number One added.
“Da ! Da ! Boss Putin is a brilliant Bully. And the World needs to be ruled by Bullies who know their own minds, and know what they want, and have no fear in taking it. Dictators, who pretend to be democratically controlled, just as C.E.O.’s and their Stockholders do with their Consuming Customers. Authoritarian Dictators are the old and primitive Ideal for the New World. And the only way to get to this desirable end, is to destroy all democracies, while pretending to maintain them. It is a necessity to be able to connive and force all of our Authoritarian Dictator Friends into office, through Global Political and Legal Mind Games and Leveraging. Putin is brilliant,
Comrade !” Da-Man Number Two said enthusiastically.
“Da ! Da ! Comrade Lemming Number Two….”
“What ? What, did you call me ? Da-Man Number Two inquired angrily.
“Oh, nothing, nothing, dear Comrade Da-Man Number Two. Forgive an old man’s ramblings. I must start eating more coconut oil, because my mind is slipping more and more these days,” Da-Man Number One answered cajolingly.
“Da ! Da ! My father-in-law takes the same coconut oil. It is said to improve the Alzheimer’s disease. But don’t worry, Comrade, fortunately I am Boss Putin’s Number Two, and I will take your place when you can no longer fulfill your duties to Mother Russia and Boss Putin,” Da-Man Number Two said mildly.
Da-Man Number One looked long and hard at his younger Comrade before saying, “Well, well, Comrade, it appears that you can no more hold your sabotaging tongue for a more timely occasion than the American’s FBI Director Comey can. Like you, his sputtering out his information about this Weiner, once again sticking it to his Wife and her Friends, Sex Scandal via Emails and linking Hillary Clinton unnecessarily to it in order for the Republicans to continue to use it as rotten fodder to try and destroy Clinton with in the future, he thinks will work in his favor. But only time will tell, Comrade. Only time will tell.”
“Sometimes we older and more experienced hacks have a card or two up our sleeves that no one suspects, and Friends that have not been taken into account,” Da-Man Number One said gently.
“By the way, have I told you about the onerously interesting Tax Returns, Old Business Contracts, University Records, other Documents and Emails I have collected throughout my many years as a lemming ? I think that you might find them to be of interest,” Da-Man One said enticingly to his young Comrade while staring coldly at him with a Cheshire Cat Spinning Grin.


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