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Fallen Men
by Nikos Laios
2016-11-05 10:24:37
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Fallen Men

In darkness their
S20161002_08.13_400ouls fed the world,
Locusts swarming
In the burning dust
Clay pots and empty husks;
The crumbling crusts
And blood flows slowed
Like a seething lava glow.

The flashing daggers
And death staggers;
"Kyrie eleison,
Kyrie eleison,
Kyrie eleison."

A curling distain
And spreading stain
Rolled up and curled
The flapping flags unfurled;
As the wind howled blowing
The creaking dusty doors
On rusty nailed hinges
Like a squeezebox,
Music tinkling down
The streets over
The twisted tram
Tracks brittle and
Snapped with decay.

The grey decay
Of fallen men
And they will say;
"The ancient ones,
In the broken days
Of chimney stacks
And silver train tracks."

Now they
Huddle as the chaff
Blows in the breeze
Across the children's faces
Filled with pain pangs;
Blood-stained fangs.

They sang
The songs
Of grey decay;
Of chimney stacks
And silver train tracks
The grey dark songs
Of fallen men.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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