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Simple Meanderings on the Physics of Prayer
by Leah Sellers
2016-11-19 11:41:10
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While visiting with a Friend this past week, I was asked why I Prayed.
Well, my answer was automatic.  I have Prayed for as long as I can Remember.  Prayer was a Tradition within my Home.
Later, I began to really Analyze why I Prayed.
pray01_400_01Prayer Focuses Thought and Body Energy onto People, Situations or States of Being important to the Pray-er for a myriad of Reasons.
Energy surrounds us, and pulses and whirls within us.  It is inescapable. 
We are always Touched by and in Touch with Cosmic Energies from within and outside of ourselves.  Molecules, Atoms, Protons, Electrons, Neutrons, and Future Nano-trons…. We are always a part of Them and They are always a part of us simultaneously Static and Dynamic.
Always Forming and Re-forming Patterns of various shapes and designs: Spirals, Strings, Circles, Waves, Chevrons, etc…..
Energy is always within us and outside of us to harness in various ways.  The old ‘Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away’ Benjamin Franklin decided to Fly to Kite in an Electrical Lightning Storm, with a simple metal Key attached to the end of its string in order to try and harness Energy.  And Ba-ba-ba-boom !
Lightning struck, Energy got Focused and Directed, and Benjamin was in for quite a Shocking revelation.
Yes, Prayer is Focused and Directed Thought and Body Energy.
Some Folks quiet their Bodies and their Minds before Praying.  Some Folks get so excited while Praise Praying, that they Dance and Sing or Speak in Tongues.  Some Pray while Standing, Sitting, Kneeling, Bowing or even while Lying in bed at night.
Those who Pray develop individual and group Rituals and Traditions for various types of Prayer for various occasions, places and spaces.  They give their Prayers Form and Format.  Ah, the Physics of Prayer.
Everyone of us are a primarily mobile Chemical Bag of Science, Art, Music, Math, History, Social Studies, Philosophy, Life Stories of Action and InAction, and yes, Physics.
Prayer is Thought Energy which focuses our Intention and our Will.  It connects us to Self and Others, and is always Evolving.
The Cosmos is full of Energetic Impulses pushing, pulling, swirling, twirling, Creating and Destroying.  And where we Find ourselves within those Spectrums of Energies determines our Individual and Collective Experiences which we are almost always Evaluating as Good or Bad, when in actuality they are always Both Good and Bad in varying degrees one way or another.
We are Energetic Creatures of Light and Dark in varying degrees of Action and InAction.
For example,  Aleppo, Syria.  What a caustic Energetic Cauldron that decimated City and its People have Become.  Its environment is filled with ImBalances of Energetically Destructive Actions and InActions.
While the World seemingly stands by and watches Aleppo’s Destruction from primarily safe distances, and within the Etherspheres of our Electronic gizmos, many People are Praying for their deliverance, and that has led to inner and outer Diplomatic Action and some inner Military Action from many different Energetic sources. 
Thought Action is being Focused and Directed toward Salvation Energy for the People of Aleppo, and the Middle East in general.  Prayers for Peace and in support of Life - not War and Death.
But even Prayer Energies for Peace and Compassion will always run into Thought Energies for Revenge and War.  The Middle East is ablaze with these Energies, and their Constancy within these Energies for Reasonings and UnReasonings both sound and unsound, Good and Bad, are Dis-easing all other kinds of Energies around the World.  War is an Energetic Contagion.  And Energetic Black Hole of Chaos.
President Obama, the Black-White Knight, came into office under the promise that he would try to end all of the Wars America was in, because many of the Western and Eastern Mega-Corps, Mega-Banks, Political Leaders, Religious Leaders, Judicial Leaders, Military Leaders, etc….betrayed and took advantage of both the East and the West for Oil and War Profits, Power and Treasure.
As a result, since many of the Middle Eastern Leaders were used to getting permission from our lobbied and paid off by the Mega-Corp and Mega-Banks Political Leaders to use our American Children as mercenaries for the Benefit of their Power and Treasure, under the auspices of Salvation Energies for yet another Authoritarian Regime’s Power and Treasure Grab, America has found herself still wading and wallowing in the very murky and toxic waters and dysfunctional Energies of Asia.
So, President Obama, the Black-White Knight, and Secretary of State, John Kerry, the White-White Knight, have sought the Thought Energies of Diplomacy, and limited decisive Energetic Strikes against the heads of Daesh/ISIL/Al Qaeda, in order to Energetically reduce and minimize the terrible Destruction of Life and Property in the Middle East.
Then with the passage of Cosmic Energetic and Mechanical Linear Time, Syrai’s Assad, the Arabian-Black Knight, decided to brutally attack and murder restless Souls within his realm with air strikes and chemical warfare in Civilian populations, so that he can Energetically hold onto his Power and Treasure.  Because it is His and not His People’s as far as he is concerned.  Assad, the Arabian-Black Knight, appears to Energetically Think and Feel that his People Energetically Live and Breathe due to his tender Mercies and Good Will; not the other way around.  He is the Ruler an they are Ruled.  Let us Pray !
And now, after throwing his Authoritarian Energies all over Ukraine’s Crimea, Russia’s Putin, the White-Black Knight, is Energetically pounding his chest with his Air Strikes over Aleppo’s Energetically suffering and diminishing population, in the name of ’Killing off the Energetically Opposing Rebels‘.  Aha !  Energetic Rebel-Free Radicals !  Let us Pray !
America is used to Energetically being the Guys and Gals in the White Hats.  Riding in with Salvation Energy to save the Day, and it is hard to hear, ’hold your horses’, because We the People have depleted our own People and Treasure in and for Countries and People, both East and West, who Energetically refuse to stop their endless Wars and work out their own Regional problems because They and We have the whole World Addicted to The Oil from whence they Benefit and Profiteth mucho !
Let us Pray, and pass the Treasure Plate, please !
And, so the World has the tragic travesty of Aleppo Living out and through the Destructive Dis-eases of All involved Day after Dark Night.
Which side is Good ?  Which side is Bad ?  What are the Relative variations of those Energies thereof ?
Fifty years from now, how will All of us be Judged ?
What kind of World are we Creating and Destroying and Leaving for our Children - for those who will follow us ?
Will we be closer to a more fully Realized Planet of Light, Hope, Opportunities and Compassion or closer to a more fully Realized Planet of Aleppo ?  Let us Pray !
What Energies and so-called Rituals, Traditions and even Laws of Prayer are we Choosing to Focus upon ?  Choosing to Intentionally and Willfully
Direct ?
President Obama, the Black-White Knight, against great odds, has chosen the Path and Prayer Energies of an Enlightened and Universally Loving and Inclusive Man.  Secretary John Kerry, the White-White Knight, has Chosen many of those same Energies.  The Energy and Power of the Spoken Word of Diplomacy and Compromise for Peace and Stability.  Let us Pray !
Syria’s Assad, the Arabian-Black Knight, is determined to hold onto his Personal Power and Treasure, no matter what.  And the Nation shall be taken down in Flames and Terror as long as Me and Mine are Safe, Rich and Happy.  Let there be Peace and Prosperity for Me and Mine, and to Hades with all the of rest !  Let us Pray ! 
And Russia’s Putin, the White-Black Knight, is also determined to hold onto his Personal Power and Treasure, no matter what.  And the Nation shall be taken down in Flames and Terror as long as Me and Mine are Safe, Rich and Happy.  Let there be Peace and Prosperity for Me and Mine, and to Hades with all of the rest !  Let us Pray !
Yes, Birds of a Feather do Energetically and Electro-Magnetically fly
together !
President Obama, the Black-White Knight, and Secretary Kerry, the White-White Knight, are Energetically viewed by some as weak, because they Seek Peace and Stability for One and All.
Syria’s Assad, the Arabian-Black Knight, and Russia’s Putin, the White-Black Knight, are seen as Energetically strong because they seek Murder, Mayhem and Oblivion of Innocents and Free Radicals.
Hmmm…….Perhaps, the World should take another look at and ReEvaluate the overall so called strengths and weaknesses involved within the Physics of Peace and the overall Physics of War, and all of their variations of Good and Bad Actions and InActions.
War Mongers have an Energetic tendency to Feed on and off of ThemSelves.  Their hatreds, fears, greeds, needy-needs, insecurities, prejudices, tribalisms…..  These Negative, Dark Energies transmutate them into Self-Devourers and in Pain they will eventually Seek to Feed off of and Devour Others.  Let us Pray !
Human Beings will Pray for Energetic, Action-packed Victories against our perceived Enemies.  We will Pray for a Successful War. 
We will Energetically Darkly Devour all Others as we Darkly Devour OurSelves, and whatever is left-over we will call our New Good and Lightfilled Society and Culture.  Our Good and Lightfilled Creation of Hope and Opportunity for one and all ! 
It is a very Ancient, and very Repetitive Pattern !  It’s tried and true, but we call it New and Good each and every Destructive and Dark time.  Let us
Pray !
We will pick the carcasses clean to the bone as our Perceived Enemies squirm, scream and moan, and be the more Energetically righteously Righteous and the more Justified, Glorified, Magnified and Elevated for it.
Let us Pray !
The so-called Victors will perceive their Cause as The Sacred Cause.  The Victors God will be the most Sacred and Powerful God of all of the World !  And the Cosmos will be seen as having been Put Back to Order.  Let us
Pray !
The Victors are seen as the Guardians of the Light and the Defeated are seen as the Demons of the Dark.  And so on, and so on, and so on……
Another Energetically repetitive downward Spiral continues to plunge all of Humanity into the Gravitational Pull directing us into the Black Hole of Oblivion and Reformation.  Let us Pray !
Must we always have an Energetically cataclysmic Big Bang (War) to Create a New Energetic Reformation ?
Is this physical and ethereal Energetic Pattern so much an intrinsic part of us - a part of the Cosmos’s Energies that we are inherently driven toward it ?
Must we always fall into its Gravitational Pull ?
What if we Consciously Energetically Change directions and Pull Away ? Refuse the Energetically disastrous and calamitous Cataclysm, and strive for and toward a Cosmic Shooting Star of our Higher and more Light-filled Selves, individually and collectively, and deflect from and reject the Self and Other Devourer Energetic nihilisms we continue to punish and destroy OurSelves with ?
Are we doomed to this Energetic Patterning, because we are so habituated and ingrained to Energetically give into the Devolutions and Reformational Evolutions of minor and major Big Bangs in All Things ?  Is it encoded into our very DNA or merely a very Energetically Bad Behavioral Pattern that can be Evolutionarily reversed ?
Life is the Fertilizer of Death and Death is the Fertilizer of Life.  It has always Energetically been so.  In a World where everything Simple is Complex and everything Complex is Simple the Physics of Prayer is made of both Living and Dead Energies.  Static and Dynamic energies.  Yes, all things are Relative Energetically.
The Physics of Prayer’s Thought Energies, and their Focus and Chosen Direction, Intent and Will are always Relative.  Always.
Prayer’s Intentional and Willful Psychic Energies have always moved the World’s Energies in one fashion or another.  We all just have to be Careful and Discerning of What we are Praying for.  What we are Intending, Directing and Willing into the World.
Let us Pray !


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