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An Age of Litigious Foolishness
by Leah Sellers
2016-10-24 10:53:16
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“Billy Bob, what are you doin’ with that phone of yours ?  We just stepped in the door from a long overseas trip, and the first thing you do is get on the phone ?”  Willa Mae asked exasperatedly.
“Time is of the essence, Willa Mae.  I gotta’ get in touch with our lawyer and get the ball rollin’ on my law suit,”  Billy Bob explained defensively.
“Law suit ?  What law suit ?”  Willa Mae queried as she began rummaging around in the kitchen cabinets for some pots and pans.
“Willa Mae, have you already forgotten that stubbed toe and head bump I got when the Orient Express train that we were on came to such a sudden stop ?  I am still sufferin’ trauma and pain from that Terrorizin’ event,”  Billy Bob said sounding a little perturbed.
vint01_400“What ?  Billy Bob, is this a joke ?  That accident with your head-and-toe was your fault.  The steward came by and warned everyone to be seated as we were enterin’ that section of our trip, and you were standing in the middle of the compartment rattlin’ on about how you were an American, and that you would sit down when you were good and ready to.  And not when some foreigner in a uniform ordered you to do so,”  Willa Mae said sounding more than a little perturbed, as well.
“Well, as far as I am concerned what happened to my Big Toe and my Head were acts of Foreign Terror, and I am goin’ to sue the country we were speedin’ through when it happened,”  Billy Bob announced.
“Billy Bob, you can’t do that.  One country cannot sue another country for Acts of Terror, and you were responsible for your accident because you refused to sit down, when you were told to by the steward,”  Willa Mae countered.
“Oh yes, I can sue another country for an Act of Terror, Willa Mae.  Our brilliant American Congress just overrode President Obama’s Veto regardin’ that Bill that does away with somethin’ called Silent Immunity, so that the 9/11 Families can sue the Saudi Arabians for their not doin’ enough to stop the Acts of Terror done against America and all of the thousands of folks who died that Fateful Day,”  Billy Bob retorted with glee.
“What ?  Who in their Right Mind would foolishly open up that Pandora’s Box ?  Surely not our Congress.  President Obama is right.  This is a very bad precedent to set for the future,”  Willa Mae said sounding alarmed.
“What if the Iraqis or the Afghanis or the Syrians or the Libyans decide to start suin’ America for every drone strike ?  Or suin’ America or one of our military boys or girls for every bomb we’ve dropped or bullet we’ve popped over there that has and injured or killed somebody that they Loved ?”  Willa Mae asked.
“Nobody overseas is gonna’ sue America or Americans for destroyin’ things or people over there, ‘cause we are over there to help ‘em out or manage their affairs,”  Billy Bob said brusquely.
“Besides, how can they sue America for Acts of Terror, when we are fightin’ a War that is not a War over there, anyways, Willa Mae ?”  Billy Bob asked smugly.
“Because when it comes right down to it, all Wars are Acts of Terror, Billie Bob.  Everybody touched by War is Terrorized and Traumatized.  They are forever Changed in one way or another,”  Willa Mae continued.
“Willa Mae.  War is War.  It is not Terrorism,”  Billy Bob laughed aloud.
“Tell that to the folks caught up in the middle of War.  Ask them whether or not they feel Terrorized ?  Ask them whether or not they take kindly to the folks droppin’ bombs and horrible poisonous chemicals on ‘em ?”  Willa Mae retorted.
“So, now, as if Acts of Terrorism, whether we call them War or not, are not enough for all of us to Ruin and Kill one another with, we are goin’ to have the whole World suin’ itself into Economic oblivion and even more Hard, Hateful Feelin’s,”  Willa Mae sighed.
“So, now, folks who were Peace-Lovin’ Civilians before gettin’ Terrorized could lose a Law Suit they’re really hardwired into, and feelin’ a lot of Hate about, and could be converted into Terrorizin’ Terrorists and War Mongers if they lose their law suits,”  Willa Mae added.
“Oh, the Lawyers all over the World will be livin’ high on the hog and laughin’ all the way to the banks, win or lose, but Societies everywhere will be the real Losers,”  Willa Mae said forlornly.
“Willa Mae, you have an overactive imagination.  Nobody is gonna’ be that foolish,”  Billy Bob complained.
“Oh yeah, well just take a long hard look into the mirror, Billy Bob.  Look at what you’re willin’ to do for the hopes of a Big, Fat Oriental Express pay cheque.  Look at all of the international grief you’re willin’ to cause over a stubbed toe and bumped head, you, yourself were responsible for receivin’,  Willa Mae quipped harshly.
“You do that and then tell me how far other folks all over the World will be willin’ to go over the loss of their Homes or Loved Ones for financial payback.  We are livin‘ in an Age of Litigious Foolishness that will be the undoin‘ of America and the rest of the World as we know it !”  Willa Mae exclaimed.
“And, you sir, can fix your own dinner.  I’m gonna’ go on out and feed the chickens and horses a little early.  They at least deal with the Real World with a little Common Sense,”  Willa Mae said over her shoulder as she allowed the back porch door to slam shut.


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