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by Christos Mouzeviris
2016-10-22 08:19:26
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The Night agonized and faded
grabbing Io from the hand
starting a celestial dance.

ios01_400Venus woke with the Pleiades
Daughters gorgeous and divine
and they stole the Rainbow's shades painting
Io with inspiration.

Winds of all kinds came to my side
they kissed and grabbed me from my hand
they dressed me in a sky blue satin
so I won't be naked into the morning breeze.

In the sky they lifted me like air
and I partied in the morning ball
but as the Sun rose again
Sleep in my mattress bemused me .

The Night was gone in sight of the crimson Sun
Ιο and the daughters followed behind her
and I tried my eyes to open
as the Day I had to welcome.

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