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On Cuckoldry and the Revelations of Sexual Psychopaths and Predators: A Socio-political Analysis
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2016-10-09 12:38:27
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Concerning the latest obscene lewd revelations of the dirty old man named Donald Trump eager to become our president, I wonder if anyone has observed a social phenomenon well known in Italy and other places. It is called cuckoldry, utilized as a socio-political weapon. Let me give an example from the history of Rome, an Emperor such as Caligula or Napoleon invites a prominent Roman senator to dinner. The guest comes to dinner with his wife. In the middle of the dinner the all powerful domineering Emperor (we would call him an alpha male today) gets up, takes the hand of the senator’s wife and graciously takes her to his bedroom. He would shortly come back to the table and comment on the sexual performance of the woman he had had sexual relations with, while the poor cockled husband squirms in his chair.

This kind of sexual deviancy and psychopathology actually happened at the court of Caligula and Nero. Now, remember that Caligula and Nero are, to use Trump’s words, “stars of their times and stars can do anything to compliant women”, especially when the whole episode becomes a reality show; in fact, women are supposed to like it and consider it an honor to be held forcibly by their crotch and be invited to the high honor of sleeping with the supreme leader of the Empire. It’s something to brag about with other women at the forum. Of course the husbands don’t like it much; it reveals how impotent—in every respect—they really are, but they have precious little to say in the matter. In fact the whole purpose of the exercise is to humiliate other men considered rivals but not powerful enough to react. It is a bully show of power in a psychopathic power game taking on sado-masochistic sexual coloring.  And so, once again, history repeats itself and those who ignore it are bound to repeat it.


Family Values at the Court of Donald Trump

Moreover, as I wrote some time ago, you will now see the spectacle of the Republican party which is complicit in this veritable charade, which created the Frankenstein monster years ago, which never took responsibility for that creation, to now giving the impression of indignation for violations of moral and ethical principles; after all their wives and daughters watch TV too. But what they are really sorry for is that Trump has gotten caught with his pants down and association with him may mean losing their next election to Congress.


So, as already predicted, there will be a premature unofficial and illegal impeachment proceeding in the next few days with the aim of substituting the vice-presidential nominee (Pence) to Trump. But it will probably not work. The sexual deviant and predator, who has gotten considerably stronger and has fattened up considerably since he was created some years ago, will come to the invited meeting table to discuss his resignation with a suicide vest on and a remote control in his pocket. He will threaten to detonate his candidacy and blow the Republican Party to kingdom come with it, to let Samson die with all the Philistines who do not think much of Trump’s blinding brilliance.

One can imagine the founder of the Republican Party, Lincoln, turning in his grave and asking in sheer exasperation: can this party descend any lower? One can also imagine him repeating his famous slogan: “you can fool some of the people all of the times, or all the people some of the times, but you cannot fool all the people all the times.”  Obviously Trump and the Republican Party believe they are brilliant enough to do just that. Time will tell. It will be like the proverbial canary in the cave. If they manage to fool all the people all the times, it can only mean one thing that democracy is already dead in the United States of America and the Empire, alas, has lasted much less than the Caligula and Nero’s Roman Empire. 



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Emanuel Paparella2016-10-10 00:13:04
P.S. The latest on the continuing saga of Super-predator Bragadoccio: he and his cronies now go around saying that the tape that just surfaced is just rhetoric and words but he never did any of the action revealed by his shabby attitude toward women. Meanwhile, a few women have already surfaced claiming that indeed there were deeds (and sexual assault crimes) and not just words. More of this charade is sure to follow at the second debate in a few hours where at attempt will be made to make Hillary Clinton the enabler and head conspirator against Bill Clinton's women. It gets more interesting by the hour. We may have surpassed the vileness of Caligula's times.

Emanuel Paparella2016-10-10 07:32:37
P.S.S. As the latest follow-up after the second debate, it is probably safe to report that it was a dreary puny debate devoid of any vision and worthy of a Donald Trump's mind-set where, far from showing any contrition for his predatory bragadoccio he actually threatened his opponent with jail should he win the presidency. He seemed oblivious to the fact that such tactics belong to third world dictatorial countries and not democracies. It will surely get even more interesting when other revelations follow in the last month of the campaign. The worst is still to come.

Jessica Stevens2016-10-10 21:52:35
I am not writing to justify Trump's "locker-room banter," but rather I just want to say that this type of talk does not only emerge from the male mouth. In many instances, I have heard modern women discuss their sexual exploits and conquests in similar lewd terms. Again, I am not justifying this type of Bragadoccio talk, but I just want to point out that I have also directly heard women openly talk that way about their sex lives.

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