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A Holy Spark
by David Sparenberg
2016-10-15 12:03:50
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There is a gentle sweetness to certain children.  A life affirming goodness.  A light at the core, in the heart of hearts, at center of the soul.

spark01_400Even diminished, it does not die in the crucifixion of time.  The “yes” of life endures. The way of joy continues to find expression.

When I see this shining in a young face, smiling through innocent eyes, I pray.  I go apart—into the interior cathedral of connections.
I find solitude in a clear and calm and beautiful place in nature.  Quietly offering thanks for the ones who are born and placed among us with a holy spark, I give shape to my soul’s embrace of the God of love.

In such prayer and in sharing this experience with you, I bear witness to a sublime truth of human life.

David Sparenberg


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