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The Life & The World to Come
by David Sparenberg
2016-10-11 11:09:08
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life01_400Goethe wrote that we are all immortal but we are not all immortal in the same way.  Some will be possessed by demons and taken down.  Some will ascend into angels.  Some will return, perhaps as larks and doves, as frogs or toads, as beavers and honey badgers.  Few, from out each generation, the great souls, the spirit warriors, continue the cosmic journey along paths of integral memory and restoration—creatively along the way of identity.
Inevitably youth fades.  Identity endures and becomes enhanced through dedication.  Enthusiasm gradually is tempered by patience and the discipline that patience teaches settle into becoming a person’s way of perception.  The tragic impulse; not necessarily overnight, more likely by holistic degrees; gives over to gratitude.
Youth and tragedy can be shown in a single image, by a solitary, heroic act; patience and gratitude grow familiar in process.

Given ample time, such a transition defines both the life and the world of the life to come.

David Sparenberg


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