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Deplorable Behaviors in a Basket for the Deplorably Behaving.......
by Leah Sellers
2016-10-09 12:38:45
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Oh me !  Oh my !  How can anyone truthfully call the Behaviors of hate-filled and fear-filled Bigotry, Xenophobia, Racism, Sexism, Classism, Exclusionism, etc…..Deplorable ?!  How can it be done ?!
Well, Mr. Trumpty, in your normal Bully-Boy, Bull Horn Fashion, you have blown and root-a-toot-tooted these Negative and Socially Destructive Behavioral trumpeting Trumpets across The Land of the Free and the Brave (and the rest of the World) for quite some time now.
hate01_400You have Trumpeted the Foment of these Negative - these Deplorable Behaviors (and their Baskets) and their budding Consequences into every nook and corner of Everyone’s Virtual Reality.
No, no.  You do not blow out the Hope and Hard Work Policies and Ethics it will take to Heal our Nation’s and our World’s wounds and woes.  Instead, you hold yourself up as the Great Messiah (an especially Sweet Note of familiarity to the Evangelical Ear) ! 
You orchestrate the swelling Discordant Cacophony into crescendos of Only I Can Save You - Can Save the Nation !  Yours is the corrosive despotic strains of Authoritarian Dictators everywhere - from all strands and threads of Earth Time. You are nothing Unique, sir.  You are the old tried and destructively False.
You do not offer Collaborative Efforts of The Many uniting to Work everywhere for the Common Good and Social Elevating Evolution of All (not just the gluttonous Few). 
No, you preach and rail on and on about Building Great Walls and Dismantling Bridges of Outreach.  You call out the Divisive and Destructively Ugly Behaviors of Americans and the Our Global Neighbors and Friends to Face their Hardships and their Foes with, while you and your cronies and cohorts plan in the backrooms every Wheelin’ and Dealin’ Scheme your greedy and corrupted Hearts and Minds can nightmarishly conjure up to further and fulfill your Corporate Empire machinations and fill your coffers with, at Everyone else’s expense.
If a Deal benefits little ’ole narcissistic and socio-pathically oriented You and your Properties (material and human), Mr. Trumpty, that’s all that counts.  After all, you are always about the bottom dollar taking you to the Top of the Winner’s heap.  And oh, the Broken Dreams, Hopes and Lives that lie beneath that heap, sir !
Sir, your campaign is based within the very Deplorable Hatreds, and the Behaviors that ooze from those Hatreds, many Others are trying to Cope with, Work with, Heal and Recover from within the very Fabric of ThemSelves and within the diverse and multi-faceted Tapestry of our Great Society that has been hundreds of years in the making….the breaking…..the Making….
A Nation built on Deplorable Behaviors will be the ruination of EveryOne and EveryThing, Nationally and Globally. 
No one can Build a Nation in Life sucking and Energy draining and wasting roiling and toxic sinking Quick Sand.  Nations - Great Nations are built upon the Rock and Sweet Waters, the Milk and Honey of Compassionate Actions, Empathy, Sharing, Tolerance, Wisdom, and Benevolent Economic practices which Benefit the Whole, not just The Few.
And, sir, there is nothing deplorable about The Truth.  Only in those who refuse to Seek or Find the Truth.  And that, sir, is Success.  In your language, ’that is Winning’ !  And there is nothing Deplorable about or within that.
And, sir, you stick that in your Basket !


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