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A couple of drinks
by Katerina Charisi
2016-09-25 09:22:33
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Marianne went to her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. She kneeled before her bed, stretched her arm and reached a tin can of butter cookies. She opened it and smelled the sweet flavor of the butter, closing her eyes. She smiled with glee as she thought about the bump she did to Bradford’s car with a rock. The idea hit her as she drove back to the manor. Bradford was telling her for some time how he wanted to do “a few things, here and there” to give the car as a gift to Marianne and keep for himself a bigger one that the doctor had left to him when he decided to leave Jacksonville forever, and start a new life and career in France. The car was old, but in pretty good shape, it just needed new tires and some other things that Marianne didn’t know and didn’t care to find out. She only wanted the car. Bradford was always busy with something though, and as long as he still had a car to do his job, he would never decide to begin. Plus, that car he already drove, was a gift from Jacob when he got back from the army and it was important to him. She was sure he would turn it to a brand new car. She just had to leave him without a choice.

mily00001_400When she emptied the can, she sucked her fingers to taste the butter once more and put the can back under the bed. “Time for a bath”, she said to herself and grabbed a towel from the drawer. She opened the closet and behind a pile of clothes, she took a few toilet paper rolls and a couple of shower gel bottles. She put them under the towel, went to the bathroom and locked the door. Before she undressed, she pulled the washing machine and put the toilet paper and the shower gels between the washing machine and the wall, then pushed it back. She took her clothes off and got in the shower.

She used Jenny’s shampoo and shower gel to wash herself, she rinsed and washed again, and when she was done she emptied the shampoo to the siphon, leaving just a little. She put the towel around her and when her hand reached the door knob, she heard Jenny’s voice.

“Ok, I will take a quick shower and then you take your turn, until I get dressed.” She heard the door of the other room closing, and Marianne opened the bathroom’s door. When she stepped out, she met Michael who was heading to the small kitchen, to wash his hands from the grease. Marianne pulled up the towel and held it with one hand, so it barely covered her thighs and followed him. “Hey”, she said, standing at the door with her legs crossed. Michael was rubbing his hands with a sponge, when he turned and looked at her. He blushed for a moment and turned his head away. “Hey”, he said. He wiped his hands with the towel and tried to walk past her, but she didn’t move. She slightly moved her hand and the towel fall just under her breasts, then quickly pulled it back up. “Ooops”, she said and smiled. Michael tried not to look, but his eyes just followed the towel as it went down and up again. “Sorry”, he said and gently pushed her to get out. She watched him as he walked to his room. “One, two...” she said to herself. Michael turned right before he opened the door. Their eyes met and he immediately turned his head again, got inside and closed the door behind him. “Three”, she said loud and giggled.

She was still giggling when she went to her own room and let the towel drop to the floor. She went to the drawer and took another towel and wrapped it around her head. She took a chocolate body lotion and put on her legs, arms, and the rest of her body, then put her underwear on. She heard the bathroom’s door closing. Probably Jenny was going for her shower. She murmured a song as she opened the closet to choose the clothes she would wear. If Michael had come, then Bradford would soon follow. She found the clothes she wanted, but stayed with her underwear. She heard his heavy steps on the stairs. She smiled and faced the door. Bradford came in and his eyes shined as he saw her only with her pink and black underwear. “I have to get a bath right away”, he said and went close to her, without touching her. “You smell so nice. I’m so dirty and stinky.” Marianne turned her back and giggled. “I was thinking that you could buy me a drink or two”. She took the towel off her head and slowly put her clothes on. Then opened the drawer to get the hair dryer. “Or two?” Bradford asked. “Not a bad idea, but I think my brother wanted to go out tonight”.

“I want to celebrate for my future new car, and thank you about it too”, she replied, ignoring what he said. “Later”, she added and threw a quick glance on the bed.

“Let me ask him if they’re going too. We could go all together.”

“No, I don’t want to go to Manon’s and they always go there. I was thinking we could use some... privacy”. She lowered her eyes, to a pretending shyness.

“Just wait”. He left the room and heard him knocking Michael’s door. She turned on the dryer and sang as she was drying her hair. Bradford came back. “We will take my father’s car, Michael needs his.” Marianne hit the dryer on the drawer and looked at him with her eyes half closed. “I am not getting in that car. It’s full of dirt, rusty tools, AND fleas. They should take it.”

Bradford sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Marianne, it’s my brother’s car, not mine. I can’t take it when I have another car available. Father is home, his car is here, so”-

“I don’t care! I am not getting in there!” Tears started burning her eyes. Bradford almost panicked when he saw her reddening eyes. Not again! “Ok, ok, let me see what I can do about it. Just for this time though, ok? I’m telling you.”

She sucked her nose and didn’t reply. He left the room again. She wiped her eyes and smiled to herself in the mirror, then started putting some make up on her face.

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