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Zacharias - Part X
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-10-04 06:26:28
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O Tempora O mores

Mrs Taylor sat with her hands tied in front of her while her young son was standing next to her obviously afraid of finding himself in a police station in the middle of the night.  Even though the room was identical with the one Zaharias son was kept with only addition of more chairs and a table in the room, the presence of woman full in black and a young boy made it look more bare.

jo01_400_03Bennet, Sir John and I took exactly the same places like before in the other room. I standing next to the window, Bennet and Sir John sitting in the chairs in front of Mrs Taylor with only difference the table in the middle.

Bennett didn’t look ready to start and Mrs Taylor looked a bit nervous and very quiet. The boy was lost looking from Bennet and me and back and Sir John not understanding what’s going on in this room.

“A glass of water, Mrs Taylor?” Bennett asked quietly. She nodded and Bennet said something to constable who was standing by the door. We all kept quiet till the man returned carrying a small tray with three glasses of water. He left them in the middle of the table, he looked Bennett and then he left the room closing the door behind him.

“What’s your name lad?” Bennett asked the young boy for the first time since we had first met them. Mrs Taylor looked surprised and I have to admit the question took me also by surprise, I didn’t expect Bennett to ask anything the boy, furthermore I didn’t expected him even to talk to the boy. After all none of us had done it before, every time we met.

“Zakie, Sir.” The boy answered very quietly with a little tremble in his voice.

“Hi Zakie, I’m Christopher and I can see that you carry, at least partly your father’s name.”

“Yes Sir,” the boy answered again feeling a bit more comfortable with this friendly Bennett.

“We thought it was the proper idea, Zacharias and I.” Mrs Taylor said looking at the young boy.

“Very proper.” Sir John murmured. The boy smiled for the first time.

“What about life here Zakie? Do you like the life here?”

“I love it sir. It’s so much better than back home, I always wanted to live here.”


“Yes sir,” answered the young boy flashing bright red. His mother still quiet.

“Have you been to the zoo, Zakie?”

“Many times, Sir.”

“Which animal you liked most.”

“The bear sir and the parrots.”

“What about Zach? Your brother, do you like him?”

“Step brother!”

“Right, right. Your stepbrother. Do you like him?” The boy looked his mother and then Sir John. Finally he turned to Bennett and said quietly.

“I don’t think he likes me.” Mrs Taylor tried to say something but Bennett didn’t let her.

“Why you say that Zakie?”

“Well every time we came lately, he prefer to talk about money with mother instead of talking with me. He doesn’t talk to me at all. All the time with mother and all the time about money.”

“Did you come many times lately Zakie?”

“Since my dad died?”

“Since your dad died.”


We all looked Mrs Taylor who had both her hands on her face now.

“How many times Mrs Taylor?”



“O Tempora O mores!” Sir John said next evening while the three of us, Sir John, Bennett and I, we were siting comfortably with a glass of whisky each one in hand and the fireplace in full blast.

“How stupid!”

“Crime is stupid,” Sir John murmured.

“They thought that this story could be their new promotion that Zach would literally take his father’s place literally with the story telling and more customers would be attracted with his connection to the wildings and the cannibals.

“What are you going to do with them Christopher?” I asked.

“Truth? Absolutely nothing. I cannot do anything since there was no crime and we all knew early in the case that something dodgy was going on so …what can I do? Even though I’m sure Zach will never forget the last conversation we had.”

“It was so amateurish.” I said drinking my whisky.

“While crime is stupid there is absolutely nothing professional or amateurish about it. And this time we might all had a good laugh but let’s hope that the next time Zach or any Zach will try to say another stupid lie like that we don’t finish with tears instead of laughs.” Said Sir John and before rooster crows three times ……………………………

The End


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