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Zacharias - Part IX
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-09-28 09:55:12
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The rescued son

Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett was the first to enter the room and Sir John the last after letting the constable who was guarding the kidnapped to exit. Zaharias’ son looked …wet, water dropping from his head. Somebody had given him a thick blanket and he was all covered trembling. I came to the room just after Bennett so I couldn’t see the look the Chief Inspector had on his face but knowing Bennett and looking at Zaharias’ son’s eyes I could say that it was angry.

jon01_400_02Bennett didn’t say anything until the constable was out of the room, Sir John inside and the door was closed.

“So lad, will you tell us what happened?” and without waiting he sat on one of the two free chairs, he pulled a cigar from his jacket’s chest pocket and started unwrapping it from the paper wrap. I stood on the wall next to the window and Sir John sat on the other chair mimicking Bennett and pulling out a cigar from his pocket.

Zacharias son didn’t say anything, somehow mystified from the two men unwrapping their cigars and surprised with their calmness.

“They kidnapped me.” He said after a moment.

“Who did?” Asked Bennett while lighting his cigar and slowly offering his fire to Sir John.

“Wildings, cannibals!”

“Wildings here? In the middle of the city?”

“Yes, the same ones who were after my father.”

“How do you know?”

“How do I know what?” Zacharias son asked a bit nervous.

“How do you know that they were the same ones?”

“My father had described them in great detail.”

“How great?” asked Bennett and Zacharias’ son looked really baffled.

“But let’s leave that for later. Where did they kidnaped you?”

“Outside my house!”

“You servant said from your bedroom.”

“I had gone out for a late walk and nobody saw me exiting the house.”

“How late?”

“How should I know? Late!”

“So they didn’t kidnapped you from your bedroom?”

“I just said, NO!” Now he looked angry and nobody said anything for a while.

“And how did they do it?”

“They covered my face with a bag and they gave me something to smell. One of those voodoo things and then it all went black.”

“What voodoo things?”

“Don’t know, one of those herbs or something.”

“Herbs wildings and cannibals use?” That came from Sir John.


“Where did they take you?” Bennett asked.

“Don’t know, I was unconscious from the herb they gave me.”

“But then you escaped and they found you swimming in the port!”

“I was lucky, they weren’t looking at me and I just jumped into the water.”

“How did you know that you were in a boat?”

“I could smell the river.”

“Oh, it was the river, wasn’t it?”


“And where are they now?”


“The wildings.”

“Don’t know, they got scared and sailed away.”

“In the river?”



“They were scared if you got them. They were scared that you would kill them.”

“The cannibals?”

“Yes the cannibals!”

With that Bennett nodded to both of us to go outside and after posting the constable back to the room we all stepped outside the police station.

Here I must embarrassingly admit that even I had difficulties to keep the laughter that roared out of my mouth the moment we stepped outside. Bennett and Sir John were holding their bellies shaking from hard laughter and the constable guarding the door of the station was looking at us wandering what was wrong.

“They are cannibals!” Bennett said and another explosion of laughter came to all of us stimulatingly!

It took us more of ten minutes to calm down and I don’t think we would have stopped if a car hadn’t stopped in front the station, just meters away from us and a policeman hadn’t open its door for Mrs Taylor and her son to come out.


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