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Mystic Steps Down
by David Sparenberg
2016-09-20 11:27:16
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Mystic Steps Down
mystic01_400Mystic steps down steps down to bloodied hands to tearful eyes fears to hollow mouths screams to empty bellies to heads bowed before broken hearts
Steps down mystic into wet mirror of blackened rain into ditch of time to fallen leaves dreams cement footprints to falling snow
Steps down descends mystic down to the mother down to the father to child children to old old women and old old men to broken walls scarred hills battered houses to clenched fists and closed doors to missing doors where poverty is erosion
Mystic descends steps steps down to unburied dead walking away like funeral-birds limping toward pure light the mystic departed… all but a slender ray let go all but a micro-thread
Descends mystic steps steps down to mud to clay to decay down to rock-base down to shadow to briers down to world to water whirlwinds to whirlpools to hurt howling to holding
To the love.

David Sparenberg
16 July 2016


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