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There's a Wild Fire in the Prairie
by Leah Sellers
2016-10-03 09:55:50
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There’s a Wild Fire in the Prairie
Papa, there’s a Wildfire in the Prairie
I know Daughter, the Animals of the Prairie
Have been scurrying by in a Wild-Eyed blur
And you can See and Smell and Ash and Fire
In the swirling Breath of the Wind
In the Stony Bones of Earth cracked
fire01_400_03And blackened to Coal
It’s enough to wither the Soul
Papa, the Wildfire is heading for the Wild Bird Gorge
Oh Daughter, my Heart aches for the Loss
Of the Gorge’s Green Haven
Of the Birds on Wing
Of the pretty Songs they Sing
Flying away to who knows where
Papa, all of those Beautiful Wild Birds
All of them driven out by a Wild Fire….
Yes, Daughter, they must Fly Away
To Save themselves
To Survive
With all the Grasses and Trees gone
They will have no place to Build their Nests
There will be no Haven
They will find no Rest
The Predator Birds will have a lot of Prey
To Feed on for awhile
But, soon enough
The Smaller Birds will all leave a Habitat so Hostile
And then the Predators will have to leave as well
For Greener, Water sodden Pastures and Trees
Leaving the Wild Gorge emptied out
Hollowed out
A Silent, Lifeless place and space
Awaiting New Growth
And eventual Re-Habitation
There is little happening out in the Prairie now
Of any Celebration
So the Cycles of Life and Death Spiral, Daughter
It has always been so
Papa, when we lost our Home
To the Wall Street Game Players
To Me
That Economic Bubble bursting was like a Wild Fire
A Prairie Fire that robbed us of Home and Habitat
Papa, we’re not all that different from the Wild Birds
Flying away to New Homes and New Horizons
Flying away to escape the cruel razor beaks and claws
Of the Wall Street Predators
But, oh Daughter, we are different in some respects
For all of that
The Fire Storm that ripped through our Nation’s Prairies
Was no accident of Nature
It was algorithmically pre-planned
And viciously deliberate
You see, the Wall Street Predators set the Economic Traps
We called our Homes
We called our Havens
And then the Predators
Lit the Fire
Set the Fire a blazing
And in the Wild-Eyed chaos
The greedy Predators swooped down
Across our Nation’s Prairie Lands
And glutted off of all the Smaller Birds
Like You
Like Me
Until we Spread our Wings
In search of a new Haven
A new Home
But Trust was lost
And the loss of Trust
The loss of Hope
In National Prairies
Is always an erosive
A dangerous thing
It’s the Serpent’s poisonous Sting
Papa, the Smoke-filled Skies are clearing
I can just make out the Sun’s rosy glow
Oh Daughter, that’s the way of Mother Nature
And all too often the Chosen Nature of Humanity
But I Pray and Work diligently
Towards a Greater, more Thoughtful Evolution
For Humanity, that is
A Day when it is not always thus
A Home and Haven in which it is not always so…..


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Emanuel Paparella2016-10-03 12:38:42
There are two contradictory ideas in the above vision: evolution and Divine Providence. The challenge always been and remains in figuring out how to keep them together without falling into incoherence.

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