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Ma and Pa Mockingbird Chew the Worm's Fat
by Leah Sellers
2016-09-24 10:23:10
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“Pa, what are you doing back from your Worm Hunt so soon ?  And where are the Worms you caught ?  We’ll add them to the two I plucked out of the ground earlier today and enjoy them all for supper together.” Ma Mockingbird instructed.

“Well, now, Ma, I don’t have any Earthworms with me.  I got a little sidetracked durin’ my Worm Hunt today by that big ‘ole Orange Cat belongin’ to that Flock of Human Bein’s who own that Big Nest called a Ranch on the other side of the barbed wire contraption they call a fence a little ways from our ‘ole Oak Tree,”  Pa Mockingbird said tentatively.

farm01_400_01“What ?  Pa, did you go to their stockyard to pluck the worms out of the cow’s dung around there ?  I asked you to go down to the River and dig up some cleaner worms.  If you had done as I asked, you never would have had to deal with ‘ole Orange Cat,”  Ma Mockingbird scolded.

“But I don’t have to Hunt as long or dig around as much for worms down at the Human Bein’s stockyard, Ma.  The worms down there are an easier catch.  They may be a little muskier to the taste buds, but they’re just as fillin’,”  Pa Mockingbird explained.

“Yes, that may be true, Pa, but the River is less dangerous, and has far more trees to escape into if a roamin’ critter comes upon you Huntin’ and decides to try and make you its catch of the day,”  Ma Mockingbird fussed while slightly spinning her tail feathers.

“That big Orange Cat has it out for you, Pa.  I think he still holds a grudge over you dive bombing him when our first clutch of young’uns hatched a few years back.  I don’t think that he’s ever forgiven you for that plug of Orange Hair you plucked out of his ear, and made off with cackling all the way home,”  Ma Mockingbird continued spinning her tail feathers.

“Heh-heh, you gotta’ admit, Ma.  It was worth it, and that Orange Cat never tried to climb up into another Nest of our young’uns ever again,”  Pa Mockingbird said proudly.

“And besides that Ma, you went after that ’ole Orange Cat, too.  You grabbed at the tip of his tail, and made that ’ole devil screech louder than I did.  And even made him flip backwards tryin’ to take a swipe at you, heh-heh.  All he swatted was empty air,” Pa Mockingbird.  “That was one mad Cat by the time we were done with him.”

Ma Mockingbird gave her wayward mate a begrudging grin and said, “Well, we’ll just make due with what we have.”  

“I’m just surprised that you didn’t bring anything back with you from all of that stockyard’s worm rich cow’s dung, before the Orange Cat laid eyes on you,”  Ma Mockingbird said matter-of-factly.  “you’re normally pretty quick and cagey, Pa.”

“Well, that’s what I meant when I said that I got sidetracked, Ma,”  Pa Mockingbird said.

“I feel one of your Tall Tail-feather Tales comin’ down the pike, Pa,”  Ma Mockingbird chortled. 

“Heh-heh, you know me well, Ma.  You know me all too well,”  Pa Mockingbird admitted.

“You know that Flock of Human Bein’s called the Domino Gang who are always gettin’ together down at Zuelhke’s Grocery to click and clack those things they call dominos around on that big round oak wood table of theirs, and gossip,”  Pa Mockingbird asked.

“Yes, Pa.  In fact, if you’ll just stop and think, I flew out there with you a couple of months ago just to while the time away watching them play with those little rectangles covered with different numbered spots,”  Ma Mockingbird chided.  “I must admit it was somewhat interesting listening to them go on and on about the going’s-on of the World, and what you called local gossip.”

“That’s right, I remember, now, Ma.  Well, I decided to make a stop at Zuelhke’s Grocery on my way out to the worm rich stockyard,”  Pa Mockingbird revealed.  “And while I was listenin’ to the Human Bein’s they got to talkin’ about one of our favorite topics - worms.”

“Worms ?  Why would a Flock of Human Bein’s chew the fat about worms, Pa ?  They don’t eat worms,”  Ma Mockingbird queried.

“It appears that one of the Domino Gang members used to be a Scientist.  And the other Human Bein’s were worried about another one of their Flock who is pregnant with a Baby Human Bein’,”  Pa Mockingbird answered.

“How wonderful !  How long has she been sitting on her Egg ?  And that is odd that Human Being’s only lay One Egg.  Are you sure you heard them correctly, Pa ?”  Ma Mockingbird asked incredulously.

“Well, Ma, it appears that Human Bein’s are somethin’ called Mammals.  Warm-blooded mammals, and they only have their Babies alive,”  Pa Mockingbird explained.

“Alive ?”  Ma Mockingbird exclaimed.

“That’s right, Ma.  Their Babies just slide right out of the Female Human Bein’.  No eggshell to have to peck their way out of or feel the comfort of.  Those Human Bein’s are strange critters, Ma.  Strange and a mostly troublesome Flock, if you ask me,”  Pa Mockingbird flapped and ruffled his wings loudly a few times.

“Settle down, now, Pa,”  Ma Mockingbird said.  “And what does all of that have anything to do with Worms ?”

“Well, it appears that the Human Bein’ Female has a Cat at her Nest, too, that she is very fond of.  But became worried when she found out that her Cat had worms livin’ inside it called Toxo-Plasma,”  Pa Mockingbird recounted.

“And what’s wrong with that ?”  Ma Mockingbird asked.  “Worms are a good source of protein.  They’re good for you.  Why would that be a problem.  In fact, that makes me feel a little kindlier toward that old Orange Cat.  We actually have something in common with that crafty scalawag.”

“Human Bein’s do not normally eat worms, Ma.  In fact, they usually use something’ called Medicine to git rid of ’em.  They seem to think that Worms are dangerous once they git inside of you,”  Pa Mockingbird said.

“How preposterous.  Where else do they think Worms go after you eat them?”  Ma Mockingbird laughed.

“Ma, try not to interrupt me again until I git out all that I heard the Human Bein’s say on the matter.  Can you do that ?  It‘s kinda‘ complicated.  You know how these Human Bein‘s like to complicate everything,”  Pa Mockingbird asked impatiently.

Ma Mockingbird stared quietly at her mate for a second and then said,  “Of course, I can, Pa.  Please, continue.”

“The Scientist Human Bein’ said that the Toxo-Plasma Worms squirm around inside the Gut of a thing called a Host, and that their preferred Host was the Cat’s Gut.  And then they lay their Eggs, and the Eggs leave the Host in the form of somethin’ called Cat Scat, and that the Cat Scat is how the Worms get out of the Cat’s bodies in order to find another thing that is also called a Host,”  Pa Mockingbird continued.

“And the Worms give off these things called Attraction Chemicals to draw a critter called a Rat to want to chew on the Cat’s Scat, and eat some of the Toxo-Plasma’s Worm Eggs.  And the Worms inside the Rat attract another Cat or maybe even the same Cat to hunt it down and eat it.  And on-and-on-and-on.”  Pa Mockingbird said looking slightly befuddled.

“Hmmm, that makes a strange kind of sense.  But why would all of that worry the Human Beings ?  Ma Mockingbird asked.

“It seems that the Female Mother Human Bein’ was worried that she had gotten the Toxo-Plasm Worms inside of her body, while scoopin’ up her Cat’s Scat.  And was afraid that the Worms would hurt her Baby Human Bein’,” Pa Mockingbird continued.

“But the Human Bein’ Scientist told the other Human Bein’s that Toxo-Plasma Worms did not like Human Bein’ Gut and would try to leave any Human Bein’s Body as quickly as possible in order to find a Cat’s Gut to munch around inside of.  And that he did not think that the Worms would hurt  the Female Mother Human Bein’, but that because she was pregnant with a Baby Human Bein’ that she should go to somethin‘ called a Doctor and get checked out,”  Pa Mockingbird related.

“The Human Bein’ Scientist said that Human Bein’s are always dealin’ with good worms and bad worms inside their environment.  And that Human Bein’s were livin’ their lives too clean.  That they needed to get some regular ‘ole dirt under their nails from time to time, because they needed some good worms inside of their guts to maintain somethin’ he called overall Health,”  Pa Mockingbird.

“Imagine that, Ma.  Good worms and bad worms.  If you ask me, they’re all Good Worms.  Even the musky tastin‘ ones pucked out of the stockyard‘s cow dung, heh-heh,”  Pa Mockingbird chuckled. 

“Well, that is very good and interesting news all the way around, Pa,”  Ma Mockingbird chirped.

“And so the Cat Scats, and then chases the Rat because the Toxo-Plasm Worms attract the Cat to the Rat, because the Worms want to be eaten by the Cat, so that they can happily find their way into the Cat’s Gut,”  Ma Mockingbird mused. “And then the Cat Scats again, and the Worms inside the Cat’s Scat attract another Rat to nibble at the Cat’s Scat.  And then the Cat chases that Rat all over again. What a Clever little Cycle of Life and Death, Pa. Very Clever.”

“Pa, I have always told you that everything in life is interconnected.  That we all depend upon the existence of things that we can’t even see or even know about in order to Exist ourselves,”  Ma Mockingbird said excitedly.  “We Fly and Nest in a wondrous World, Pa.  A wondrous World.”

“Ma, you are the only Bird I know who can git all poetic and romantic over a bunch of wrigglin’ Worms and Cat Scat,”  Pa Mockingbird said good-naturedly.

“I Flew that Scientist’s story all the way out to the worm rich Stockyard with me.  And when I got there, and saw that ’ole Orange Cat was gonna’ hinder my Worm Hunt.  So, I flew into the Barn, and looked for a Rat to flush out,”  Pa Mockingbird regaled.

“I figured if I could git a Toxo-Plasma Worm-filled Rat to run out and Attract the Orange Cat in another direction, I could head home with a beak full of wrigglin’, squigglin’ Worms for supper,”  Pa Mockingbird further explained.

“But there was not a Rat to be found anywhere, Ma,” Pa Mockingbird said disappointedly.  “I think that ’ole Orange Cat has already eaten up every Attractive Rat in that dad-burned Barn.”

“So, I flew on back to the Nest empty-beaked, and with my tail feathers between my legs,”  Pa Mockingbird admitted.

Ma Mockingbird hopped over to her forlorn mate, and gave him a sweet peck on the top of his head.  “I happen to think that you are a wonderful provider, Pa.  And a wonderful mate, I might add.”

“Ma, you sure know how to make the Worm Turn in this ’ole Bird.  How about us Flyin’ up to the top of our ’ole Oak Tree and Sing a few Songs to the Settin’ Sun before supper ?”  Pa Mockingbird suggested.

“Why, I thought you’d never ask, Pa,”  Ma Mockingbird tweeted softly.

And off they Flew to welcome the Sunset.



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