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An Amazing Absurdity
by Leah Sellers
2016-09-16 11:01:24
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Amazing what we do to Folks who step up to the plate and stumble.  Amazingly absurd.
Yes, Hillary Clinton has pneumonia.  A Woman who constantly Steps up to Plate in many facets of her Life for Others and for her Nation has gotten sick.
hilla01_400No, like most women who get sick, she did not make a Big Deal out of it.  There is work to be done.  So, most Women have learned to stoically get on with it.  Children, Households and Outside Work responsibilities and obligations must be taken care of - must be undauntingly met.  There are Others always depending upon you.  So, get up out of bed and Get it Done.
What does that have to do with being UnTrustworthy ?
Those Actions are the ultimate definition of what it is to be Trustworthy.
Those close to her, including Hillary’s doctor knew what was going on with her Health, and were keeping an Eye on her as she slogged on for the Memory of 9/11, and her Responsibilities and Obligations to her Constituents.
She has released her Tax Returns.  She gave the Public a more in depth Doctor’s Report than did her opponent, Mr. Trump.  A Con Man who diligently strives to make Hillary out to Be untrustworthy and flawed, while he himself Refuses to show the American Public his Tax Returns, and has a Doctor write a quick note about how Stupendously healthy his 70 year old Playboy’s body is - Achooooooo !  Sorry, Mr. Trump does have allergic reactions to having his UnTrustworthy Flaws of Character revealed (sniff-sniff) !
Vulturistic Men like Mr. Trump feed off of the supposed weaknesses of Others.  If a Human Being’s Moral/Ethical Code is strong he will make it their Weakness in the making and breaking of The Deal.  That is the kind of leader he will be at The Wheel.
Knowing this, why would anyone in their right mind broadcast an illness on the Job.  They wouldn’t.  They would just get on with the Job at Hand and Hope and Work toward the best of Outcomes.
Sometimes you Win.  Sometimes your Body fails you.  But Women like Hillary get right back up to plug Steadily along in order to Salvage the Day and Win another Day.  That’s the kind of Leadership material Hillary is made of.
Hillary Clinton is a Work Horse.  Mr. Trump is a Show Horse.
When there is hard, tedious Work with difficult long term Visioning ahead of everyone.  Which Horse do you want to actually Do the Job and count on to get the Job Done ?
Hillary has an excellent Staff.  An excellent Doctor.  She Benefits from them all, and because of their Belief in Her and what She can get Done for our Great Nation and the World, they, too, are Benefited.  As are we All.
Why is something so Basic being so contorted, convulsed, twisted and turned in the wind as such an prevaricating and Amazing Absurdity ?

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