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by Leah Sellers
2016-09-11 10:29:18
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In an Alternate Universe soon to come to your Neighborhood through Hook ‘em, Crook ‘em, Snooker ‘em, Huffin’- Puffin’  Vanity and Opportunistic Smoke Screens and Algorithmic Spyin’ Machines……..
Pootin came a-scootin’ around the corner of the Library within his huge Oligarch Palace dancing the tango with himself softly singing, “Trumpty-Dumpty-doo-doo-da-da.  You’re the Western Fool for Me !  Hee-hee !”
don01_400_01Seeing one of his servants out of the corner of his eye, the smile fled from his face and standing perfectly still with his usual immobile and inscrutable expression and demeanor he demanded, “Da, what is it ?!”
“The most senior Minister of Internal Affairs to see you, sir,”  the man servant said brusquely.
“I thought I had him quietly shot in the forest some time last month, due to his telling me that Russia’s Economy was in the tank, and having the audacity to wonder why I was wasting Russian money with Assad in Syria, when Russia’s people are needing my money, excuse me, the State’s money, to expand some of Russia’s much needed Social Programs ?”  Pootin said abruptly.
“This is someone I have never met before, sir.  He must be a new one,” the man servant returned nervously.
Pootin stared at the man servant with his icy blue eyes for a moment an then said,  “Show him into my Library.”
The man servant bowed and quietly left the hallway while Pootin returned to his Library.
“Ah, Comrade Pootin.  How are you, sir ?”  The new, young Internal Minister hailed.
The young man was a nephew of another one of Pootin’s Oligarch Friends.  He would be more difficult to shoot in secret.  But, since he came from such a prestigious family, he would probably prove to be no problem to Pootin’s Plans for Russia and the World. Propaganda, Power and Money were mighty aphrodisiacs to the Power and Money Hungry.
“Tell me, Ivan, what can I do for you today ?”  Pootin asked grinning slightly as he shook the young man’s hand, and squeezing it a bit to get a measure of the Young Man.  The Young Man did not disappoint him.  He stared straight into Pootin’s cool stare and squeezed back.
Releasing hands the men stood in the center of Library continuing to measure one another.
This Young Man has been taught well, Pootin decided, before finally blinking and proffering the Young Man a chair in front of his hand carved, high-gloss lacquered desk saying, “And what brings you to my home, Ivan ?”
“Sir, I am concerned about Russia’s Economy being in the tank, and our inability to meet the needs of all of our other comrades through the expansion of some of our Social Programs.”
Pootin paused before sitting down thinking, “Oops !” but saying, “Da, da, I know.  I know.  And my other Head Ministers and myself are diligently working on fixing all of these problems, Ivan.  It’s just that, as you know, these things take time.”
“Sir, the time could not be better to move things forward.  The Republican candidate for the President of the United States of America, this Donald Trump, has a great Admiration for you,”  the Young Man said energetically.
“Just this morning on a Russian Television Network, he said that our Hackers had nothing to do with the Democratic Party’s hack-in for private information on their members, and potentially embarrassing information against them or others working within the Government,”  the Young Man continued.
“This Trump sings your praises as a strong leader, and tells the American people that President Obama is a terrible leader, when we know this is not so.  Obama is a smart man, not easily flattered, fooled or goaded by us or anyone else into unnecessary action.”
“This foolish American, if Trump can be called that, is in debt to Russian Banks.  He is probably seeking ways to ingratiate himself to you for favors some time in the future.  He does not care about America or her future.  Sir, he only cares about increasing his opportunities to make further deals with Russia, and eventually with you that benefits himself.”
“This, Trump, has already intimated that he will weaken NATO, and demand that they pay back past monies owed to the United States that they cannot pay without hurting their own economies,”  The Young Man continued.
“He has already stated that he sees nothing wrong with going against National Laws and using American or mercenary troops to pillage the Oil from some of the countries in the Middle East that America has been trying to help.”
“Although, with all of the Tribal antipathies in the Middle East it is truly very difficult to find effective ways to help any of them that does not ignite yet another rebellion and another War,”  the Young Man paused.
“Continue, Ivan, I want to hear the entirety of what is weighing upon your thoughts,”  Pootin said amicably.
Ivan relaxed a bit and said, “ Sir, this man is only Patriotic to Power and Money.  He is a Lover of the Golden Calf.  He is a Con Man Businessman, who would sell his Soul for the Art of the Deal.  He lives within a structure of finely woven lies, and sees the World through delusional eyes.”
“He rules his Business Empire as a Dictator, and will rule America as a litigious and quarrelsome Dictator.”
“I am a Dictator, Ivan.  Do you have a problem with that ?”  Pootin asked strumming his fingers upon the arm of his chair.
“No sir, you are not as capricious as is this Trump.  You are more pragmatic. You plan ahead.  And the Russian people need to be led by a firm, murderous, Bullying Hand.  That is what they understand.  That is what they see as Strength.”
Ivan shrugged, “What I do not understand is why the spoiled Americans want to give up their Freedoms for such a man.  For this Wanna-be-Dictator Trump.  It makes no sense to me.”
Pootin moved slightly in his chair and said, “It is the way the World is going, Ivan. He is a vacuous Celebrity. Soon enough, the Oligarchs, the Mega-Banks and Mega-Corporations of the World will have well established Empires, and we will use the established World governments to Rule them by.  We have already corrupted most governments by the buying and selling out of many of their own politicians, judges, military leaders and such.”
Pootin grinned slightly. “The Middle Eastern Wars have depleted the American and European coffers, just as our war with Afghanistan did ours.”
“The Middle East has been a huge Economic and Body Bag drain on every country who has gotten involved with those argumentative and explosive Tribes,”  Pootin continued.
“But, now we must help our friend Assad maintain his murderous rule.  I understand the strength and determination of this Butcher.  When the Press and the Civilians of your country get smart-mouthed, spouting out what they deem to be the Truth or demanding more than what the rulers are willing to Share with them, then they must be taken care of.  Some must even be eliminated.”
“The rulers of a Country tell the Sheeple of the Country what the Truth is.  What they will Take away from, and what they might Give to the Sheeple. Excuse me, I meant to say People.”
Pootin’s cold blue eyes warmed for a nano-second.  “Sometimes, I can be a rather baaaaaaad boy.”
Ivan smiled in return, nodding his head, and replied,  “We all have that capacity, sir.  But my loyalty is to the Russian people, and they need our help.  We need to expand our Social Programs.”
“Our help ?”  Pootin asked brusquely.
“Yes sir,”  Ivan pushed on.  “I understand your invasion and usurping of Crimea and continued harassment and weakening of the Ukraine.  They were all once Mother Russia’s.  Their economies had weakened and you needed to strike while the iron was hot.”
“We needed the oil and the sea bases and sea harbors along the Crimea for trade and military purposes.  I understand parts of your Master Plan, Comrade, excuse me, President Pootin,”  Ivan corrected.
“But the monies needed for the Social Program expansions to help our Russian peoples are being spent primarily on the Military or going into the wealthy privatized pockets of the Oligarchs such as yourself and my own father.  And with the many Global Sanctions we have crammed down our throats, it is difficult to find other ways to get our duties accomplished to our nation’s people, sir”  Ivan stressed.
“Your duty is to me, Ivan.  The Russian peoples’ duties are to me and Mother Russia, Ivan.  You need to readjust your thinking a bit, dear boy,”  Pootin smiled widely as he glared cooly at the Young Man inadvertently threatening him.
Ivan stopped short.  Getting up suddenly, Ivan cleared his throat, and said, “I am sorry if I said anything to offend you, sir.  Please, forgive me.  Sometimes I lose myself within my inconvenient frankness and my duty to the People of Russia.”
Pootin ignored the Young Man’s apology.  “And as for Trump.  You are right.  He is a Fool, and I will manipulate and use every foolish word that springs from his ridiculous lips and his vain actions.”
“I understand him.  He loves only Power and Money and what he can purchase with it. And he is willing to do anything to get them and personal praise.  In some ways, Trump and I are kindred spirits.  And I will use him to bring America, and the rest of the Western World, to me for my Will to Be Done,” Pootin smiled cruelly.
“Do not worry about your duty to Mother Russia.  You need only worry about and magnify your duty to me,”  Pootin said smoothly.
“Besides, I am not the only leader to see Trump’s worth.  The leaders of ISIS have already said that his Presidency would be a Blessing from Allah,”  Pootin continued.
“This Fool actually wrongly revealed his impressions of what occurred within some of the interactions within the Intelligence Meeting that the Americans were nervous about him hearing in the first place.  He will bring on the fast destruction of the world’s most powerful democracy, because he is a Dictator, a very selfish and self-serving Dictator at Heart and Soul.  The Fool has no Morals unless they are forced upon him,”  Pootin added.
“I know how to use men like this.  I deal with them every day,”  Pootin smiled as he extended his hand to Ivan signaling an end to their meeting.  “Trust me.  I am KGB Man.  I know what I am doing.”
Ivan shook Pootin’s hand without squeezing it this time saying,”  Da, Comrade, excuse me, President Pootin.  Please, excuse my youthful foolishness.  Of course, I will do my duty to you, sir.  And in doing so, I will do my duty to Mother Russia.”
Pootin smiled broadly, “I knew we would see to eye-to-eye on things given certain understandings, Ivan.  Thank you for your visit.  Please, give you father and mother my best when next you see them.”
“I will, sir,”  Ivan said as the man servant led him out of the Library.
Pootin dropped his smile, and walked into the foyer as his man servant was closing the door behind Ivan.
“I want you to call my Head of Security, please, Rasmutin.  I have a possible surveillance job for him.”
“Da, President Pootin, you can depend upon Rasmutin.”
As Rasmutin disappeared down the long, highly polished hallway, Pootin began to dance the twist, softly singing, “Trumpty, Dumpty doo-doo-da-da !  You’re the Western Fool for me !  Hillary will only spoil my plans !  So, Assange and me are takin’ her down ! And we’re gonna’ keep the ’ole Trumpty around !  Freedom’s just another commodity !  But we gotta’ destroy the Land of the Free !  For the Oligarchs to overtake the World Economy !  And send the bleating Global Sheeple hard to their knees !  Oh, what a joyous day that will be !  Oh yes, Trumpty, Dumpty doo-doo-da-da…………

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Emanuel Paparella2016-09-11 21:35:34
Indeed. Bigotry is like a dormant virulent virus which resurgent periodically in American history. There is a long list of infamous bigots that can be compiled, to wit Pichfork Ben Tillman, Fr. Charles Coughlin, Theodore Bilbo, Huey Long, George Wallace, David Duke, Joe McCarthy. Fortunately we also have courageous ordinary and not so ordinary citizens who decry this deplorable mind-set, such as Edward Marrow and Joseph Welch who took on McCarthy. What makes the latest bigot, Donald Trump, so dangerous is that he may make it to the White House. While his supporters will have been richly entertained they will subsequently discover that they have been robbed of Democracy.

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