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World Elephant Day celebrated
by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
2016-09-09 11:55:37
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elephant01_400Nagercoil - World Elephant Day was celebrated by the eco-club students of Christian College of Education at Marthandam sponsored by the Tribal Foundation on August 12.

Delivering the keynote address Mr Vismiju Viswanathan said the elephant is a keystone species, playing an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems in which they live. Elephants play a vital role in forest ecosystem that it is a huge animal, whose prevalence denotes the health of the forests. If its population id decreased forest ecosystem would suffer. Presently human versus elephant conflict is in the rise owing to encroachment, habitat disturbance and greed on humans. If elephant population dwindles, there would be inbreeding that would affect the health and potency of the animal. He pointed out that forests should be conserved in a better way to save the huge animal. He gave a clarion call to save the forests and conserve the elephants.

In his presentation with a power point  S S Davidson, environmental educator said that elephants are among the most intelligent of the creatures with whom humans share the planet, with complex consciousness that are capable of strong emotions. They are also one of the major ways in which trees disperse their seeds; some species rely entirely upon elephants for seed dispersal. Wherever they live, elephants leave dung that is full of seeds from the many plants they eat. When this dung is deposited the seeds are sown and grow into new grasses, bushes and trees, boosting the health of the forest ecosystem. He pointed out that the animal needs special care in species specific conservation.

He said that the program was organized to showcase the vital importance of to create awareness among students on the mammoth animal that presently needed attention for checking the conflict with the animal and to find ways to check the conflict and conserve the precious animal.

A photo exhibition of elephants taken by  S S Davidson was a major highlight of the day that photos were categorized under several topics as elephants in the wild, captive elephants, impact of plastics on elephants, human versus conflict with the animal, road kills of the animal and awareness creation. More than 100 photos were exhibited.

Herbert Kinsley and Shanthi Vsantha Malar of enviroLink participated. Dr Beulah Jayanthi principal of the college presided over the function.


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