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Saint Eathling
by David Sparenberg
2016-09-05 10:14:10
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Saint Eathling
earth01_400_02if animals see and trust you, you are somebody (you belong on this Earth):
if sparrows rest safely on your shoulders; if deer drink the silent harmony of water from your loving human hands (healer, you are one here);
if wolf with lion with lamb walks beside you (light Earthwalker); if bear brings laughter, guidance, wisdom of medicine bundles, and eagles soaring high overhead continue miming the narrative of creation
you are somebody (not a thing, but bright presence playing in the mystery dramas and holy comedy of life);
beloved of our brother sun, our sister moon, choreographing bio-confessional waters, confessional with Shinto stones, with Zen mountains, with flower-angels-angel-trees, with living green, and
of our mother, Singular Earth (Saint Earthling-you), you belong.
David Sparenberg
8 August 2016


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