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Fog on a Hill Fog on a Hill
by David Sparenberg
2016-09-13 08:47:24
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Fog on a Hill
fog01_400_01Slowly fog climbs over the hill
And I have lived to another day
Like smoke of a cold fire
White and pale grey
It spreads out over the hill
And I have lived to another day.
Soon I shall climb the holy hill
And sit in my thoughts until
The morning sun breaks through
Knowing there’ve been and again will be
Men who are greater and wiser than me;
And women of beauty too
Whose beauty abides outside of time
And they are mine
In the poet mind
Helen, Brigit and Deirdre too.
Slowly in trance the fog drifts by
Dancing slow to an ancient tune
And I have lived to another day
To a song outside of time.
David Sparenberg
16 Aug. 2016


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