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Zacharias - Part VIII
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-09-14 11:10:34
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Lies and truth

“You must be joking!” Bennett said standing up. We were still in Sir John’s study with Sir John standing next to the French windows looking at us. Us, both surprised and shocked.

“You mean that these two are conspiring to cover something, they staged the kidnaping together and that we are their alibi?” Sir John just nodded.

“Why?” Bennett asked loudly.

“My dear Christopher, for the oldest excuse in the history of crime, money.” Bennett and I stood there still and silent trying to connect Zacharias son, Ms Taylor, a kidnapping and money with not much success.

“Ok. Ok.” Sir John said while taking a cigar out of a carefully crafted cigar-box. “You both have to agree that this story is constantly balancing between true and lies.” With a little knife he cut off an edge of the cigar and then put it in his mouth. First a thick long match and then deep inhales and the room was suddenly full of a thick purple smoke. Sir John hadn’t offered a cigar to Bennett or me. Perhaps theatrics hadn’t end yet.

jonh02_400“We know that Zacharias lied. It was a harmless lie really that entertained a lot of people however difficult it was to believe it after one point.”

“Especially the part with the cannibals,” Bennett said with my looking at him strangely. That was the part I had really believed.

“But regardless the truth or the lies, the story gave Zacharias a certain appeal, a certain aura that in long term also helped his business. Bringing tobacco, spices and herbs from the cannibal island. That was the best form of promotion ever. People didn’t buy tobacco or herbs, people bought the cannibals’ island in the form of herbs and spices. I mean, they even might thought that the cannibals used their leftovers to spice their spices and tobacco!”

That’s sick!” I said.

“Sick indeed but it does make sense, doesn’t it?”

“I have heard rubbish like that,” Bennett said quietly. I looked at him surprised. I had never heard anything like that.

“We are not socializing the same people,” Bennett said somehow apologetically. “Part of the job to hear things like that.” He added and I nodded.

“But now Zacharias is dead. With Zacharias dead there is no story. And then it is this something else I noticed from the beginning and I said it but I have the feeling that neither of you heard me.” We both looked at him trying to think what he had said and we never noticed.

“Ms Taylor’s accent.”

“She didn’t have any,” I said quickly.

“Exactly. She didn’t have any. A woman who comes from a foreign land, a primitive land that is not the land of cannibals but is not the modern world either and she has absolutely no accent. She sounds like you and me!” We stood there all silent thinking what Sir John had just said.

“She been here for long time.” Bennett said

“Precisely! She’s been here for long time. She has been practising the language for so long that there is absolutely no trace or hint of a foreign background.”

“And the boy too,” I said feeling suddenly stupid. “I spoke with him and there was no foreign trace at all in his talk.”

“They’ve been working together in this!” Bennett said.

“Indeed my friend. It makes sense.”

“And why?”



“The lie is dead, long live the new lie!” Sir John said with a smile.

“So it was all a trick to renew the promotion?” Bennet said

“It was all about business?” I added.

“No, it was all about money from the beginning, we were the trick to renew the promotion and the interest to the business. Think of it. We were actually the best excuse and alibi to renew the lie.”

Now Sir John offered cigars to both of us and we both lit them with a smile on our face. Suddenly everything was making sense with cannibals, dead bodies and pirates. Coincidentally somebody knocked the door of the study the same time and Sir John’s maid entered with a heavy breathing policeman behind her.

“Chief Inspector, we just found a man in the port saying that he was kidnapped by cannibals and pirates!”

Bennett inhaled deeply his cigar and started laughing loudly.



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