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Zacharias - Part VII
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-09-06 10:28:01
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The other possibility

Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett looked like he was ready to say something but he kept quiet sitting in the deep comfortable chair, moving slowly around the ice in his glass. It was always whisky for the Chief Inspector and it was always from a special bottle Sir John kept for him.

Sir John was also quiet looking outside the French doors, standing still for at least five minutes. I, well I was sitting in the other comfortable chair in Sir John’s study, a glass of white wine in hand and waiting for either of them to say something. Nothing. Nothing makes me nervous.

jonh01_400“John, I’ve been doing exactly what you said but nothing is moving,” Bennett said after a while. Be quiet was something that definitely didn’t go well with Chief Inspector.

Sir John turned from the French windows and looked at his direction nodding that he understood.

“I also have somebody watching both places,” Bennett added. Again Sir John limited his answers into nodding. I didn’t say anything.

“Christopher,” suddenly Sir John spoke. “There is something we see here but I have the feeling that there are more pieces in this story we don’t see. I have the feeling that we are parts in a play and I’m not sure if I like it.” Saying that he reached his desk and took the glass of wine that was waiting for him there, left earlier by the maid. Then he moved closer and sat in the sofa next to the fire place.

“Leaving aside that Zacharias has lied to all of us for long time and the fact that he has profited from this lie, here we got a widow with a legitimate son which we didn’t know and a legitimate son we did know. No other obvious relatives. We also have a thriving business and according to the lawyers a comfortable bank account which all goes to the son we know without the son and the wife we didn’t know have any demands.” Both, Chief Inspector and I nodded our agreement.

“Then,” Sir John continued, “we have another thriving business in a place we don’t know, managed by a widow and a legitimate son we didn’t know in which the legitimate son we know has absolutely no right and he has never shown any interest to know.”

As in a que, Chief Inspector continued, “However yesterday we found out that what we thought as a comfortable bank amount was only in papers comfortable, in reality Zacharias has done a lot of heavy withdraws leaving the account less than safe.”

“And on top of that, Zacharias’ known and legitimate son is kidnapped.” It was my turn to add a dramatic finale.

They both turned and looked at me the same time. “Was he?” Sir John asked quietly. Bennett and I kept quiet.

“We are not sure, are we?” asked Sir John again.

“I think he has staged the whole thing so he can reach Mrs Taylor’s money. Most likely he thinks of them as his.” Sir John nodded.

“No, I think he was really kidnapped and I think we will gradually find out that this Mrs Taylor is all over this strange story. She pretended that she didn’t care for Zacharias money, she pretended that she only came out of respect and she pretends that she’s ready to pay the ransom. Truth is, she is all over this. She will present till the end and then when we find Zacharias son’s body she will take over everything. Look her timing. It’s all about timing. When she appeared in the case, when the ransom came, even the amount of the ransom is suspicious.”

“Suspicious definitely, but too obvious as well. No, there is something we are all missing here and there is no way to find it before it comes out on its own.” Sir John said.

“The fact that she’s from another land, which apparently we know very little, isn’t it the big missing part? We don’t know their customs, their attitude. It might be pirates. Who knows?”

“My dear friend you leave your imagination cloud your judgment!” Sir John said to me with a wide smile. I never understood why Sir John did that, always dismissing my ideas as …childish. After all it was only the week before we all read about the arrest of that evil man who pirated in the colonies for the last decade. How did we know if this woman was not of his accomplices in a gigantic conspiracy against the empire and the king?

“In its complicate form, I have the feeling that the answers are far simpler and have absolutely nothing to do with pirates.” Said Sir John.

“What we are doing at the moment,” he stood up again and moved towards the French windows. “At the moment what we are doing is thinking that Zacharias son and Ms Taylor are in opposite sides. That they want something from each other and that they are ready to hurt each other on the way to get what they want. And while trying to do that they have involved us. Why?” Neither of us said anything.

“Just think of it,” Sir John continued without looking at us. “Here we are, Sir John, the humble knight of her old majesty, an observer of human nature and its dark side, a career police officer, greatly appreciated in the police force and my assistant. And in theory we know everything. Actually we are in the centre of everything. How many kidnaps unveil this way from their beginnings? Just think of it.”

“What are you trying to say?” Asked Bennett looking at me for some kind of answers.

“I’m trying to say that the whole thing doesn’t make sense and that’s why I keep saying that there are missing pieces in this story and that we should wait and let things unveil on their own until we really understand what’s going on. That’s what I say.”

“And?” I have no idea how that came out of my mouth but somehow I was used to Sir John and I knew too well that there was something more coming.

“And, we haven’t thought another possibility.” Sir John turned our way somehow theatrically. “We haven’t thought the possibility that these two don’t work against each other but with each other and we are their cover and alibi!”


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