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'In Your Face' Symbolic Moments.....
by Leah Sellers
2016-08-30 10:46:34
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Oooo-lah-lah !  The United States of America’s presidential candidates are having an ’In Your Face’ ‘Come to Jesus’ Moment with one another in Public Settings right now. 
It’s refreshing, and long overdue, especially where Mr. Trumpty Dumpty is concerned.  His comfortable flirting with the Alt-Right (Alternative-Right) factions within the United States, and Globally, needs to be challenged. And challenged out under the bright Blues Skies of Global disclosures and discourses by prominent leaders and We the People everywhere.
Shine a Light on a Dis-ease.  Acknowledge it.  Define it. Diagnose it and its many toxic Processes.  And then set about the short and very long-term individual, collective and systemic Processes of Dealing with it and Healing it.
Yes, in America (and in other areas around the Globe), the White Supremacists (and all other forms of Supremacists) love to Burn Crosses, swing ropes and shoot off their Stand-Your-Ground, Open-carry firearms or swish their beheading knives through the air while chanting their Fear-based hatreds against the Jews, the Niggers, the Pepper-bellies, the Towel-heads, the Kikes, the Spaghetti Slurpers, the skinny Chinks who by swallowing too many Fortune Cookies transform themselves into fat Chunks, the Lefty Liberal Pinko-Stinkos, the Immigrating Immi-Grunts, the devilish this Tribe or that Tribe or this Nation and that Nation……the Other !
Old, old Fears and hatreds that we all continue to allow to Define and Divide us and Define and Divide our Cultures, Religions, Politics, Judiciaries and Economies.  To be Whole, folks fool themselves into thinking and feeling that theyI must feel themselves Supreme to You (whoever You may be) for whatever Reasonings and Unreasonings !
red01_400_01And just a fraction of these Energies are being witnessed within The Fevered Rage that has Divided and taken over the Republican Party using the Con Man Trumpty as their willing conduit, just as the same Divisive Energies used Nigel Fa-rage as their conduit to bring about Brexit - the Secession of the United Kingdom from the European Union.
There is even a Movement in the United States of America of certain States (such as Oklahoma and Texas) who are having a Constitutional Convention (under another monicker they are choosing to use to make folks feel less uncomfortable about its divisive intentions) some time next year.
Instead of everyone coming together to fight off the Corporate Empires’ takeovers of our Global Governments through the buying off our leaders, our Governments and our other Guiding Entities in order to Create and Mold the World in their very own CEO, Authoritarian, Dictatorial Vampiric Empiric Images and hyped facades that they want to Rule over and through us with, everyone is in the midst of Brexiting, Contstitutionally Convention Alt-Right fissioning and divisioning.  Good Grief !  Is their no relief ?!
Whoever could have foreseen America’s ugly whiplash due to the Idealistic Voting In of a Black President.
A Black Man being Voted into the White House was a wonderful realized democratic Ideal that was also a cathartic and explosive Cultural Burp and nasty case of Indigestion for the unconscious and consciously bigoted Sum of The Many.
And thusly, the Republican candidate, Mr. Trumpty, can have Brexit Daddy, Nigel Fa-rage, speak to a predominantly white crowd of adulating fans in the Southern state of Mississippi about the civil warring rights and wonders of Nativistic, Isolationist, Racist, Xenophobic, Schizming, Brexiting Secession, while Trumpty stood up trying to convince The Black and Hispanic Folks that he was not a Racist, that Mrs. Hillary (who has spent her life bettering the rights and the lives of Families of all races around the World) was the real Bigot, and that the Republican Party wanted the Others to join their Supreme ranks.  To put a Trumpian Tiger in their Tanks !
One must ponder about Stephen Bannon’s Breitbart Alt-Right media mogul’s fuss and muss somehow being Mr. Trumpty’s Guiding Light.  And responsible for Mr. Trumpty’s most recent soft and squishy flip-flop on Anti-Immigration (of course, it was never really well thought out on Mr. Trumpty’s part, anyway.  Instead of learning about the Presidential things he needs to know, Trumpty prefers to wing it).
Just read his book (that was actually written by a ghost writer) The Art of the Deal.  You bring it and he’ll wing it.  He’ll make one heck of a presidential Wing Man !
That’s right, Mr. Supreme Trumpty has decided to borrow Jeb Bush’s Immigration Plan ideas which involved everyone having to come out of the Shadows, and sign onto a Legalization Program in order to remain and work legally within the United States of America.  No Mass Deportations of millions of Immigrants.
Of course, some of the Alt-Right fanatics are quite displeased with Mr. Supreme Trumpty’s new soft and squishy stance.  They are threatening dark retaliations on the air and in public.  The shine appears to be a bit tarnished on their dark idealistic romance.
Oh Mr. Trumpty, you must remember to always keep a close watch on Burning Crosses or other ‘In Your Face’ Burning Symbols.  Sometimes they can create some rather nasty grass and brush fires that can with just the right amount of Energetic Winds become a very fast moving, destructive and deadly Wild Fire (symbolically speaking, that is).

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Emanuel Paparella2016-08-30 14:02:43
Eventually even nations reap the whirlwind and end up with the kind of government they deserve. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, said Jefferson who now must be turning in his grave.

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